What is the cost of 1kw Solar Off Grid Power System in India?

A 1 kW Off-Grid Solar Power System is a great one to invest in for your roof, and India is on the right track towards a future that is greener and more sustainable due to solar energy. Solar energy has swiftly expanded in acceptance across the country due to the country’s abundant sunshine and growing environmental consciousness. The reasons why solar energy is so prominent in India are as follows:

  1. India receives more sunlight due to its location in the Tropic of Cancer, which is beneficial for solar energy production. India has an abundance of sunlight. The natural resource helps meet the country’s energy requirements.
  2. It’s vital to note that the government provides subsidies to people who are about to install solar panels on their rooftops.
  3. Solar energy contributes to sustainability and the reduction of pollutants.
  4. By removing fossil fuels, solar power is advancing clean energy.
  5. Long-term savings come from solar power.

Cost of a 1 kW solar off-grid power system:

The cost of a 1 kW solar off-grid power system is 1.7 Lakh. You can opt for no-cost EMI on our website.

Key Specifications

These are the key specifications of a 1 Kw Solar Off Grid Power System. You check on Solarclue 1 kW Off Grid Power System

Sales Package Includes 2 Panels Stand, 4sqmm 15 meter pair DC wire and (2 in 1 + 1 in 1) MC4 connectors
Warranty2 Years
Solar Panels3 No.s 330 WP (Ws-330), Polycrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cell Type,
Warranty: 5 Years as per Manufacturer
DC Cables4 sq mm DC Copper Flexible Cable
Size 20 meter
Make: Poly cab/Finolex
Solar BatteryOff-Grid/Hybrid Solar Battery
Capacity: 80 Ah
Quantity: 4 No.s
DOD: 80% depth
Life Expectancy: 8-10 Years
Make: Luminous/ Okaya/ Hipower
Warranty: 5 Years
AC Cables2 Core, 4 sqm AC Copper Flexible Cable
Size 20 Meter
Make: Poly cab/Finolex

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