10 Solar Power Systems Suppliers in Mumbai

“Mumbai,” a city of dreams, is the only location that comes to mind when talking about opportunity, fashion, business, entrepreneurship, and growth. The manner in which it is developing and lowering its level due to pollution. As a result of the significant climate changes caused by pollution, Mumbai has created the Mumbai Climate Action Plan, one of whose goals is to move towards sustainability. Solar power systems come into play whenever there is a requirement for sustainability. In this blog post, I will provide you with information on solar power system suppliers in Mumbai.

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What is Solar power, and how is it generated?

Solar is derived from the Latin word “sol,” which means “sun.” Solar is a term used to describe the Sun or solar power. The Sun produces solar energy. Both electricity and heat are produced with this energy. It is regarded as a sustainable and renewable source of energy.

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight’s light energy into electricity. Power is produced using solar (photovoltaic) panels. Solar panels’ photovoltaic cells convert light energy into direct current (DC) electricity by absorbing it. As a matter of fact, solar power is transmitted to all electrical appliances or converted into alternating current by an inverter before being used.

What is a Solar Power System?

Solar panels are used in solar power systems to collect sunlight and turn it into electricity. It’s a sustainable method to produce electricity and reduce carbon footprints.

What are the types of Solar Power systems?

Solar power systems are of different types; each is designed to meet specific energy needs and requirements. 

  1. Grid-Tied Solar System
  2. Off-Grid Solar System
  3. Hybrid Solar System

What are the appliances that solar products replace?

Here are some alternative solar energy-generating appliances that take the place of conventional ones. Each of these goods is customised for certain uses in an effort to satisfy various consumer needs.

  1. Solar Water Heaters
  2. Solar Water Purifiers
  3. Solar-Powered Air Conditioning
  4. Solar-Powered Pumps
  5. Solar Desalination Systems
  6. Solar Cooking and Heating Devices
  7. Solar-Powered Vehicles
  8. Solar-Powered Batteries
  9. Solar Chargers
  10. Solar-Powered Ventilation

Why should you go for Solar?

It would be best if you went for Solar because it is the future. As the Government of India has recognised, the energy and power sectors will help the country grow. In India, we receive more Sunlight because it is between the equator and the tropic of Cancer. As Indians, we can benefit from Sunlight by using solar power. Solar is the best investment for you. It will help you and the environment, too.

Who are the suppliers of Solar Power systems in Mumbai?
  1. Solarclue
  2. Solar Square
  3. TrueSun
  4. Solgen Greentech
  5. Goyam Solar
  6. Solotronics
  7. Chemtrols
  8. H K Green Energy Solar System
  9. Vreesa Solar
  10. Power Plus Enterprises
1. Solarclue

Solarclue is one of the top suppliers of solar power systems in PAN India. It is a platform that connects manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, sellers, and buyers in the Solar products business. We allow companies to enrol for free on our website. We offer a wide variety of solar products from various brands. The ultimate purpose of our organisation is to provide a solution for sustainability; that’s how we named ourselves, i.e., Solarclue.

Products and Services: Solar Appliances, Solar Lights, Solar Components, Solar Inverters, Solar Power Systems, Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Electric Vehicles, and Solar Services.

Contact No. : +91 8884444830

Email: sales@solarclue.com

Website: https://www.solarclue.com/

2. Solar Square

Solar Square is a provider of solar power systems headquartered in Mumbai. They provide best-in-class services by providing solar solutions to every home all across the country. They offer affordable Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) solutions to those who are looking to take solar.

Products Offered: Rooftop Solar, Residential Solar Systems, Solar for Housing Societies, and Solar Power Commercial.

Address: 101 Stanford Tower, S.V.Road & Junction, Juhu Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra -400058

Contact No. : +91-7208979637

3. True Sun

Truesun Energy Solutions is a provider of solar rooftops in Mumbai. They have a vision to educate people about sustainability and how solar energy works to cut electricity bills and promote a clean environment.

Products/Services Offered: Installation, Maintenance, Project Consulting and Advisory.

Address: 91 Springboard 74 Techno Park, 74/11, “C” Cross Road, Opposite Gate No. 2, MIDC, SEEPZ, Andheri East, Mumbai-400093

Contact No. : +91- 8850845149

4. Solgen Greentech

Solgen Greentech, which means Solar power plants for the next generation, and Greentech, which means Green Energy that is technology-driven. They have been in the market since 2014, offering a sustainable solution for every household.

Products and Services Offered: Solar Energy Installations for Housing Societies, Industrial and Commercial Solar Equipment Trading Businesses, Affordable Solar Photovoltaic System Services, Solar Water Heaters, and Off-Grid Solar PV Systems.

Address: 61, Second Floor, Aditya Industrial, Estate, Behind Evershine Mall, Off Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai – 400064

Contact No. : 91- 9920288031

5. Goyam Solar

Goyam Solar started with a motto to save the environment and make use of nature in an effective way. The company aims to provide solar solutions and products at competitive prices.

Products Offered: Solar Water Heater, Solar Torch, Solar LED Lamp, Solar Lantern, Solar DC Fan, Solar Home UPS, Solar Inverter, Solar Battery, Solar Street Light, Solar Power Bank, Solar Retrofit, and Solar Battery Bank.

Address: L-175 Dreams Mall, L.B.S Road, Bhandup (w), Mumbai – 400078

Contact No. : +91 – 9819971556

6. Solotronics

Solotronics LLP is a green energy solution provider in Mumbai. The company aims to brighten up the world with solar power. They also provide solutions for waste management which helps in environmental protection.

Products Offered:  PV Solar Panels, Solar Heater, On-grid Solar System, Off-grid Solar System and Waste Management

Address: Shop No.1, Gurav Chawl No. 9, Near Kohinoor Computer Typing Institute, Opp. Lata Books, Vikhroli (E), Mumbai – 400083, Maharashtra.

Contact No. : +91 – 9773999676

7. Chemtrols Solar

Chemtrols Solar is a subsidiary of the Chemtrols Group that aims to provide world-class solutions in the solar space with a commitment to reliability, excellence, and quality.

Products Offered: Solar EPC, Rooftops, Off-Grid Solutions, Solar Lanterns, Solar Water Heating, Solar Home Lights, and many more.

Address: Amar Hill, Saki Vihar Road, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400072

Contact No. : +91 – 2267151200

8. H K Green Energy Solar System

Products Offered: On-Grid Solar System and Off-Grid Solar System

Address:  Road, No. 11, Off Mahakali Caves Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400093

Contact No. : +91 – 95944005512

9. Vreesa Solar

Products Offered: Solar On Grid, Off Grid, Solar Street Lights, Solar Inverters and Electric Street Lights.

Address: 101 Saroshsprite, Axis Bank, Murbard, Vidya Nagar Road, Murbad, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 421401

10. Power Plus Enterprises

Products Offered: Rooftop Solar – On Grid, Off Grid, Hybrid Solar System, Solar Water Heater, Solar Led Street Light, and Generators.

Address:: Marvel Kshipra Residency, D wing, Flat no 14, Karjat, Maharashtra, 410201

Contact No. : +91 – 9421686747

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