How Does Solar Water Heaters Work in Winter Season?

Firstly a question arises, does a solar water heater work in winter? The answer is yes. The solar water heater in winter works well because of efficient insulation that means when the temperature remains cold during winters, radiator fluid technology gets used in solar water heaters. However, performance varies, which depends on how much solar energy is available at the site and how cold the water comes into the system.

On winter days without even sun rays, if it is for a day or two, you still get warm water as the water gets heated due to diffused radiation available in the atmosphere. For this reason, the solar water system should either connect to an electric geyser in the house or an electrical back-up provided in the storage tank of the system, and that should need to switch on when water is not sufficiently hot. So, you get hot water all the time even in extremely cold weather.

Now the concern is, how does a solar water heater work even in the wintertime? A liquid catalyst or radiator fluid is warmed by the sun’s energy in the solar water heating system, and after that, it is pumped into the heat exchange tank. The role of the heat exchange tank is in exchanging the heat of the fluid with water and warms the water in the storage tank. And, it’s important to remember that radiator fluid should be checked before winter starts to ensure proper heating of water.

In the winter season, solar evacuated tube systems can keep hot water pumping and saving your money. For example, when the average air temperature during the wintertime is some -15°C, a solar hot water heating system can continue to pump out water at 80°C. even in northern regions of India where constant sunlight and no cooling down period at night time are also able to allow the solar water heater system to be at almost maximum efficiency.

Another question arises, even if the outside temperature is low in winter, does it affect the solar water heater? No, it does not affect, because, with good insulation, sunlight in winter days will be able to heat the water quite well in a solar water heater. The hot water tank is caused by the radiation energy of the sun, which can come through the glass and heat enclosures, even if the outside temperature is below cold – providing good insulation can ensure very small heat loss. However, dim sunlight in winter reduces the heating capacity of most solar water heaters.

The solar water heating systems work well in cold temperatures? There are two key features, such as the vacuumed space between the layers of glass in the solar evacuated tubes and the absorber coating that allow the system to be efficient in cold temperatures. The vacuum between the layers of glasswork prevents the transfer of heat, and the solar water heaters protect the inner parts of the tube from the ambient temperature and allow light to still pass through the glass. Thereafter the metal plates of the tubes heat up with the full strength of the sun, regardless of how cold it is outside, and once captured, it is then very difficult for the heat to escape. Thus, almost all of the heat of the system can be conducted directly into the water. 

Last Word

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