National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy

The National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy is a significant stride towards harnessing renewable energy sources in India. Launched by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), this policy aims to create a harmonious blend of wind and solar power generation. Let’s delve into the details of this forward-thinking initiative.

Key Objectives

Integration of Wind and Solar: The policy encourages the integration of both wind and solar energy at alternating current (AC) as well as direct current (DC) levels. By combining these two abundant resources, we can achieve a more stable and reliable power supply.

Optimal Utilization of Resources: The primary goal is to promote large grid-connected wind-solar PV hybrid systems. These systems utilize available wind and solar resources efficiently, minimizing wastage and maximizing output.

Enhanced Grid Stability: By reducing the variability in renewable power generation, the policy contributes to better grid stability. This is crucial for maintaining a reliable electricity supply.

Implementation Phases

Phase I (2018-2020)

Capacity Commissioned: During this phase, approximately 1.44 GW of wind-solar hybrid capacity was commissioned across the country.

Framework Development: The policy laid the groundwork for large-scale grid-connected hybrid projects.

Phase II (Ongoing)

Continued Expansion: The MNRE continues to promote new hybrid projects and encourages the hybridization of existing wind and solar installations.

Transmission Infrastructure: The policy facilitates efficient utilization of transmission infrastructure, ensuring seamless energy flow.

Funding and Cost

The total cost of implementing the National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy is substantial.

MNRE provides 75% of the cost for setting up wind-solar hybrid systems.

The remaining 25% comes from Member of Parliament Local Area Development funds (MPLADS).

Technical Specifications

The policy recommends the use of 12 W solar LED street lights as per MNRE norms.

Each light costs approximately Rs 25,000.

Impact and Future Prospects

The National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy not only contributes to India’s clean energy goals but also fosters innovation in the renewable sector. As we move towards a greener future, this policy stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainable development.

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