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Solar Energy, a great rescue from the electricity driven world

The holiday season is knocking at the door and all your near and dear ones have geared up to travel and get away from the busy world and go camping. Amidst all the enjoyment and fun, you need gadgets to store your memories in the form of photographs, videos etc. Here the biggest challenge is to keep charged up all your electronic devices, especially for emergency situations. During camping, electricity access is the biggest challenge, no electricity means no electronic device. And if you’re planning on going for longer than a few days, being able to recharge your mobile phones batteries is even more important. One solution that Solarclue provides is being connected with the most abundant resource, the SUN.

What is Solar Power?

Solar Power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity and Solar Energy is the radiant light and heat from the SUN. It is the most important source of renewable energy. We are blessed with Solar Energy in abundance with absolutely no cost. This form of energy is used by several technologies such as, Solar Panels, Solar Power Banks, Solar Water Heaters, Solar inverters,etc., One great factor that affects Solar Energy is its geographic location. Geography affects solar energy potential because areas that are closer to the equator or closure of the sun to the surface of the planet have a greater amount of solar radiation. These areas can significantly increase the solar potential and its usage.

Among several popular devices that harness the solar energy, few are

  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Solar Power Banks
  • Solar Lights
  • Solar Fans
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Panels, etc.

Solar Power banks

Solarclue suggests Solar Power banks which are a great rescue to your electronic devices. A power bank is a portable charger designed to recharge your electronic gadgets when you’re on the move, but what happens when there is no electricity for days, the solution is having Solar Energy connected with Power Bank. A portable solar power bank works pretty much the same way: it collects energy from sunlight and converts it into electricity, which is transferred directly to a connected device. provides a 5000 mAH Lithium Polymer-Based Solar Power Bank with dual USB port for mobile charging and LED torch inbuilt. It is the best Portable AC-DC Solar Mobile Charger for emergency purposes. You can position them in the direction of the sun at any time of the day and it gets charged fully within a few hours which is enough to recharge your phones.

There are many platforms where you can find this product online. But Solarclue is the best platform where you can grab these amazing solar products at a much cheaper rate compared to other platforms in the market. Solarclue also gives shipping charges free for their customers and it can deliver all over the country.

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