The Solarisation of Modhera, Gujarat

Nestled in the heart of Mehsana District, Gujarat, the historic Sun Temple town of Modhera has embarked on a remarkable journey towards sustainability and self-reliance. With the visionary objective of harnessing solar energy to meet the domestic and agricultural electricity needs of every household, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India, launched a pioneering scheme on 19th March 2020. This initiative aimed not only to illuminate the town but also to showcase a model of responsible energy consumption and environmental stewardship.

The Solarisation Scheme

The scheme envisioned comprehensive Renewable Energy (RE) installations, transforming Modhera into a solar-powered haven. Among the key components were a 6 MW grid-connected ground-mounted solar PV power plant, a 15 MWh battery energy storage system, 1297 units of 1 KW Rooftop Solar PV Systems, 305 kW aggregate capacity of Rooftop Solar PV Systems on government buildings, smart meters, solar EV charging stations, and more. This ambitious project required an investment of approximately Rs. 76.66 crore, with 50% Central Financial Assistance (CFA) from the Government of India through the MNRE and the remaining 50% from the Government of Gujarat.

Implementation by Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL)

Tasked with turning this vision into reality, the Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL) took the reins as the scheme’s implementing agency. Letters of Intent (LoI) and Letters of Award (LoA) were issued for the installation of the aforementioned components, marking a significant step towards the fruition of this transformative initiative.

Completion and Inauguration

The culmination of diligent efforts and meticulous planning came to fruition when the project was successfully completed. The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India inaugurated the solar installations in Modhera on 9th October 2022. This momentous occasion not only celebrated the successful implementation of the Solarisation Scheme but also underscored the government’s commitment to sustainable development and clean energy adoption.

Benefits and Impact

Energy Independence: The solarisation of Modhera brings with it the promise of energy independence. By harnessing the abundant sunlight, the town is now equipped to meet its domestic and agricultural electricity needs, reducing dependence on conventional energy sources.

Environmental Stewardship: The shift to solar energy aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and reduce carbon footprints. Modhera’s commitment to renewable energy reflects a conscientious effort to preserve the environment for future generations.

Community Empowerment: The scheme empowers the local community by providing clean and affordable energy. With solar rooftop installations on government buildings, the initiative also sets an example for sustainable infrastructure development.

Economic Boost: The scheme not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also stimulates economic growth. The creation of solar EV charging stations fosters the adoption of electric vehicles, promoting a greener and cleaner transportation ecosystem.


The solarisation of Modhera stands as a beacon of sustainable development and forward-thinking energy policies. This transformative initiative not only illuminates the historic town with clean and renewable energy but also sets a precedent for similar projects nationwide. Modhera, with its solar-powered landscape, exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of heritage and modernity, proving that responsible energy consumption is not just a vision but a tangible reality. As other regions draw inspiration from Modhera’s success, the Solarisation Scheme becomes a catalyst for a greener and more sustainable future for India.

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