Explore Energy-Saving Solar Water Heaters For Hotels

When vacationists or travelers or tourists come to your hotel for a better stay to enjoy their vacations, they want a worry-free experience. Hot water shower experience (for a long time irrespective of any time) is one of the requirements that come with leisurely travel. But with hot water heating being the single largest energy expense in the hotel industry, long guest showers can always create a high electricity bill. When hotels, be it a luxury one or small, they generally provide hot water every time (requires a lot of electricity) to their stayers that not only affects the environment but also triggers extravagant utility bills. In this context, Solar Water Heaters come into the picture. And, this becomes even more important when it comes to hotels.

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Many hotels have now started installing solar water heating systems to protect themselves against skyrocketing utility costs. This concept works well as those solar water heaters are beneficial in reducing energy bills by as much as 80 percent or more.

Why does solar water heating systems in growing demand in hotels?

Solar water heating systems are gaining huge demand in hotels because of the maximum benefits. Installation of a solar water heater at your hotel can deliver decades of financial and environmental surpluses such as immediate plus long-term utility bill reductions, the ability to shrink your hotel’s carbon footprint, and positive appeal for eco-conscious vacationers.

Apart from this, some of the other advantages of using solar water heating systems in hotels are as follows:

  • As solar water heaters run on the solar source of energy, i.e., the sunlight and they work under a cloudy environment, hence, hotels can serve their clients with hot water facilities all the time in every condition.
  • They are a one-time investment, easy to install, and do not require much fitting & maintenance that enable them a reliable choice for everyone.
  • Solar water heating systems operate using solar energy, which is a renewable and clean energy source.
  • Solar water heaters not only save costs for the Hotels but also add to the green building certifications.

Are you looking to buy the best quality solar water heating systems for hotels? If this is the case, SolarClue.com is a better place for you! We at SolarClue make available a plethora of manufacturing brands at our online platform. We are a one-stop solution (B2B & B2C platform) that provides high-quality solar water heaters at cost-effective solutions and your doorstep.

Approaches to help maximize the ROI of a hot water solar installation in hotels:

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1. Incentives Benefit You

Incentive facilities are being provided by the center, state, and utility departments for property managers who contribute to “green or clean energy” developments. It is a beneficial aspect for hotel owners since they can be able to reduce the upfront cost of your solar water heating installation by as up to 50 percent or more, and by combining many of these subsidies as well as tax credits. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the Database for State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) to know and avail a complete list of solar-related benefits in your region.

2. Avail a Loan with No Cost EMI / Low Cost EMI

A loan with easy installments (No Cost EMI / Low-Cost EMI) can make it possible to finance your system such as Solar Water Heater, and help you make instant savings. As most solar loans are organized, hence, monthly payments for the purchased system to the bank will be less than what you were paying to your local utility company. Now you can choose SolarClue.com if you want to buy a solar water heating system for your hotel as this e-Commerce platform has partnered with ZestMoney to offer no-cost EMI (3 months plan) with no credit card required. In addition to this, you can also get facilities with low-cost EMIs (6months and 9months plans) when you buy solar heaters including, other solar products from SolarClue.

3. Invest for Quality

There are some beneficial factors, and for that, you only pay your professional installer to complete the job. Though it is possible to install solar water heating on your own, you’ll be getting benefits if you choose a professional company to install the solar water heating system. Get a look!

  • Many of the more lucrative incentives, which are mandatory for energy efficiency improvements can only be completed by licensed contractors.
  • Certain manufacturer warranties require that licensed professionals handle the installation, so you have to pay out-of-pocket for repairs if anything comes wrong because of not going with a professional installation company.
  • A well-installed solar water heater can last more than 30 years or more than this, and contracting a qualified professional can increase the useful lifetime of your installation.

Over to You

If you want to save 90% of the electricity bills of your hotels, then you should go for a solar water heater and choose SolarClue for buying the system from several manufacturers to choose. Don’t lose for getting this opportunity!

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