How the COVID Brings Digital Selling to Make the Solar Industry Stronger?

The coronavirus (Covid-19) has disrupted the way in which solar companies do work and engage as a society as the site visits are not on the table any longer. When the entire world started to Zoom and Hangout, even the solar businesses are trying to adapt to digital selling to support their customer.

Covid impact on solar industry

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the ways digital selling can improve your connection to customers and streamline the solar sales process from start to finish. Let’s discuss!


Solar companies should incredibly efficient by moving the sales process online. If they spend a tremendous amount of time going online rather than taking appointments for in-person meetings, they may get back-to-back appointments and customer follow-ups and with an advantage of windshield time. We can book more appointments per day by completely eliminating drive time because so many people staying at home now working, and interested buyers can also book appointments all throughout the day that is convenient for them.

SolarClue is one of the noted brands in the solar industry engaged in investing in an online booking platform that has made it easier for our customers and our solar specialists to coordinate. People can now easily book any solar product online, and this online platform is something where anyone across India can place his order even during the COVID-19 crisis.

Customer comfort

Digitally order placing (selling or buying any solar product) is becoming popular especially, when Covid-19 hits and a study found that the vast majority of solar users are very open to moving appointments online. As COVID-19 hit, many are hesitating to allow service persons in their homes because they feel pressure to clean up the house. So, in this case, virtual appointments will become a permanent change to the solar industry because of their comfort level for customers and improved efficiency. Thus, now several homeowners, commercial property owners can simply browse the website (for product buying assistance, quotation, schedule for an appointment, etc.) with no effort on their end and without the inconvenience of bringing others into their homes.

Go Green with Solar

Improved information sharing

Now in the digital era, solar specialists have the opportunity to let their customers a lot of useful information on their mobile phones, computer tabs, including videos, photographs to share by doing video calls with several clients.

During in-person briefings before COVID-19, professionals generally bring with them flipbooks and hard copy materials, which customers are not looking for anymore. Being able to look at everything online and share well-produced videos of solar installations gives the customers all of the information they need, and that further is easily accessible for them to revisit after our appointment gets over.

At present, when everyone is comfortable with online video tools, several solar companies can hop on Zoom and show the homeowner photos of the roof or electrical panel to explain why it needs to be upgraded. This helps the business owners to move forward on the next steps with the project.

Now a question comes, why solar products are more relevant than past Covid?

The fact is that families are at home using more devices for longer periods during the lockdown as more lights are on, more TVs, ACs, and many other electronics are. Everyone is away at work, school, or camps, using their home energy maximum. Research says, the average home electrical usage increased 22% as compared to other years when Covid-19 has not existed, and it has happened because people using more electricity while they stayed home.

Last Word

COVID has made consumers tense because of their high electricity bills, hence solar products’ installation is the most recommended way to cut your electricity bill, running your home energy more efficiently. And during lockdown due to the Covid situation, you can buy any solar equipment such as solar water heaters, solar lights, solar panels, and allied products through an online or digital media platform, which is implemented by several solar businesses.

Yes, the digital medium is an important channel for reaching your customers!

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