Installation of Solar Rooftop System: Important Information That You Should Know

Today solar energy is the most flexible form and reliable source of renewable energy available to us. As solar costs keep dropping, the process of installing a rooftop solar power system, there are some queries such as where to start, whom to call, and what to pay is not anymore so simple!

It’s an unfortunate fact that global warming is a big challenge to our community, which affects the world environment and due to such particular reason, the entire world currently racing to make the prevalent renewable technology. According to a census report, the “Government of India has determined to have 40% of power generating from renewables by 2030”. Renewable energy has a minimal to none carbon footprint, which is essential to make our environment a healthier place to be in. Such systems rooftop photovoltaic system power stations are especially helpful for mid to large-scale residential as well as commercial buildings.

However, the interest and adoption of solar among residential customers in India have been weak because of a strong reason as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected consumers’ finances over the one year. Many homeowners want to install a solar panel or solar power system on the rooftop of their building, but for them, information on rooftop suppliers, costs, government policies, subsidies, and procedures are hard to come by.

Solar Rooftop System

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So, here’s a blog post on solar rooftop systems for your home that you should know!

Ideal roof for your solar system: –

The quality of the roof or an ideal roof is the most important part that plays a major role when it comes to the installation of a rooftop solar system for your house building. Some of the factors considered as a perfect roof are as follows:

1) The age of the roofing structure of your home (rooftop type) and the wear and tear it has endured, and if any repairs are needed, then the house owners should be taken care of it before a solar system is installed. And, the roof should be capable of holding installations securely.

2) The ample quantity of sunlight (shadow test) needs to be available near your home in 365 days of the year and the roof must not be shadowed by any large objects like the trees, adjacent buildings, etc. In other words, the solar PV panel should face as much south as possible to collect maximum sunlight during the day.

3) Slanting rooftops of any building are ideal for installing solar modules, especially when the slope is towards the south.

The sizes of your rooftop solar system: –

The ideal roof area of your building is available, and the capacity allowed by the power distribution companies for installation is decided upon by the size of the rooftop solar power system that can be installed. But yes, the ideal size of any rooftop solar system’s installation for an average home can be anywhere with sizes from 1 kW to 10 kW.

The lifespan of your rooftop solar system: –

A rooftop solar system can generate clean energy for approximately 25 years. But, the solar system’s maintenance is important, and that depends on its longevity. The best part is, once the used solar system crosses its useful lifetime, you can either re-invest in the project by replacing the products, including solar panels and inverters, or else you may recycle the components.

Benefits of Solar Rooftops/Solar Rooftop System: –

Cost savings – The tariff quotes for rooftop solar are 17% and 27% lower, respectively.

Low maintenance costs – It simply requires proper cleaning from time to time, which is not even a complicated process with no major costs involved.

Reduction in electricity bills – It saves you economically by installing solar panels on your home’s rooftop because normal electricity connection relies on coal, oil, and natural gas to power homes.

Suitable for Indian climate – Situated in such a geographical location, India is ideal for receiving ample tropical sunlight and with almost 300 sunny days with clear skies.

No additional space required for solar rooftop installation – The solar power system is installed on the roofs of buildings, they do not require large tracts of land.

Support from the government – Government offers a 5% tax benefit to the users of the solar system.

Final Say

Rooftop solar systems are becoming a popular source of power as India is one of the countries that has accomplished the largest producer of renewable energy. Hence, you can go for solar rooftop for home solutions with residential solar to save money and the planet.

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    This article is a very useful solar maintenance panel system keeps operating safely, correctly and efficiently. Generally, most solar panel systems do not require active or routine maintenance. However, if you live in a particular sandy area or there is debris on your system, replacing a roof with solar panels routine solar panel cleaning can help improve your annual electricity production.

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    Absolutely loved this blog post on the installation of solar rooftop systems! It’s so true that solar energy is becoming increasingly crucial, especially in tackling the challenges of global warming. The information about the growing shift towards renewable energy in India is inspiring and gives hope for a greener future.

    I was particularly impressed by the way the article highlighted the complexities of the installation process. It’s reassuring to know that even though the process might not be as simple as before, the dropping solar costs are making it more accessible for everyone. The emphasis on starting with the right guidance and understanding whom to reach out to is really helpful.

    I’m also thrilled to see the focus on reducing the carbon footprint through rooftop photovoltaic systems. It’s not only a sustainable choice for the environment but also makes practical sense for both residential and commercial buildings.

    Kudos to the author for shedding light on such an important topic and breaking down the key aspects of solar rooftop installations. Looking forward to more informative posts like this that empower us to make eco-friendly choices for a better world!


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