Is Solar Water Heater Good for Health?

Solar water heaters are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world, so several questions arise; is a solar water heater safe for our health? Is any solar panel on my roof get direct exposure to the sun’s rays constitute a threat to my skin? From a medical point of view, the water you consume by using the Solar Water Heater is completely safe for our consumption, as far as the role of sun rays is concerned.

Solar water heater

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The adverse health effects of sun rays can happen due to ultraviolet radiation that is responsible for DNA damage, cancer, and ozone destruction. But yes, the sun’s rays also contain radiation in visible and infrared (IR) spectra and it is the IR (and not UV) radiation, which helps in heating the water in the best solar water heaters. IR radiation is also the basis for night-vision devices, used in working based on heat generated by a body. Therefore, the solar water heater’s hot water is completely safe for our consumption.


However, solar hot water is not drinkable – according to the Municipal Public Health Bureau health education experts. Yes, it’s true the water to enter the water heater is clean tap water, but the metal used to make the piping of water heater that may contain excessive cadmium, manganese, lead, arsenic, and other metal poisons. And, in the long-term healing process, the poison will be dissolved in water, such hot water used to cook food, boil water for drinking, over time is harmful to human health damage. The harmful substances like mercury, lead, cadmium can inhibit the activity of enzymes containing thiol, protein synthesis are responsible to reduce the body’s growth and development. It is also usually not by the material standards of the kitchen to strictly limit the content of harmful substances. Long-term consumption of water contains harmful minerals that can lead to hypertension, Alzheimer’s, arteriosclerosis, cause fetal malformations in pregnant women, and children with developmental disorders and disease. 

Pros or benefits of Solar Water Heaters

  • Clean and efficient water heating
  • Easy to maintain
  • Renewable heat incentive
  • Non-intrusive
  • Does not produce much noise

Over to You

As this blog post lets you know that there are lots of pros and other additional things to think about with the solar water heating systems, hence, buying a portable solar water heater or solar geyser is the best decision for those who are interested in long-term investment and living in areas with good sunshine.

We at SolarClue (buy solar water heater online at an affordable price) are known as one of the best suppliers, dealers in the industry, engaged in providing you the best solution and believe one thing – in order to make the transition from burning fossil fuels for energy, to the renewable green energy options, we have to start using solar hot water systems for getting hot water facilities with eco-friendly living.


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