Usage of Solar Water Heater During Monsoon

Monsoon season has already come, and it’s raining almost every day. During rainy days getting sunlight is quite a problem. Therefore, people who are willing to buy a domestic solar water heater to enjoy hot water experience, they have hesitations that what if a solar water heater does not work on monsoon season when it stays cloudy all day. Why such doubts come in people’s minds? The answer is very simple. A Solar Water Heater is a device that provides hot water for any purpose like bathing, washing, cleaning, etc. and using Sun’s thermal energy.

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It is generally installed at the terrace of any building or where sufficient sunlight is available. The water generally gets heated during day time and stores in an insulated storage tank for use when it is required.

Several possible questions may come. Let’s discuss those!

Does a solar water heater work on cloudy days?

Yes, it works even on cloudy days. Hot water can still be generated during the monsoon as the heater will use diffused radiation available in the atmosphere. During cloudy days when heat absorbing capacities are less than normal as compared to the clear sunny days when a solar water heater can generate heat by using at least 80% of the solar energy, in that case, the use of auxiliary backup that has conventional energy can be used. 

The amount of heat your heater will be able to generate is directly proportional to the amount of infrared sunlight available at any given moment. You can also keep backup at your home by connecting to an electric geyser in the house that should be provided in the storage tank of the system, and switched on when water is not sufficiently hot.


What happens when the sun is not shining?

It’s a fact that a solar water heater generates up to 85% of your hot water needs, especially from solar energy. As far as cloudy days are concerned, or your demand in your hot water consumption is increased during monsoons, a backup element provides the required amount of hot water. Hence, it does not create any problem when the sun even is not shining properly.

Advantages of Solar Water Heating Technology:

  • Enough storage capacity to meet 90 to 100 percent of users’ hot water needs
  • Solar thermal panels are usually less space-intensive and heat water to produce sufficient power for a home.
  • High-efficiency facility as in about 80 percent of the sun’s radiation is turned into the heat energy needed to obtain hot water at home.
  • Cost savings and low maintenance
  • Lower carbon footprint


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