Solar Charges – a Technology that eases life

`What is a Solar Charger?

We all love to travel places, away from the work, stress, and dust from the city, but what if we cannot keep a contact with friends and family? The sun can be considered the best source of energy and Solar chargers are the perfect on-the-go way to power your electronic devices. Solar energy is an inexhaustible, renewable energy source which can be harnessed into anything. That is why we have solar-powered devices in use now such as calculators, watches, power banks and lights.

solar charger employs solar energy to supply electricity to devices or charge batteries. Solar chargers are usually portable and handy to use. Basically, it takes energy from the sun and converts it into electricity that can be stored in a supplied battery, which you then use to power up electronic devices. They are generally called solar powered battery chargers.

How do this Solar chargers work?

These Solar chargers usually consist of solar panels that are composed of photovoltaic (PV) cell blocks which are responsible for producing electricity from the light of the sun. When the photons from sunlight hit the solar panels, they are absorbed by the PV cells. The cells are made up of semiconducting materials such as silicon. The absorbed photons are then converted to electrons.

There are chemical reactions that take place when photons are converted to electrons which in turn transfers electrons to electronic devices.

Solarclue presents all range of solar chargers such as,

  1. Solar Bag Chargers
  2. Solar Power Banks
  3. Solar Phone Chargers
  4. Solar Charge Controllers

Benefits of Solar Chargers:

  1. These chargers use Sun which is a renewable source of energy
  2. Cost-efficient and Energy-efficient — almost 0 minimal cost required for its maintenance.
  3. Available in abundance as Sun is a renewable source of energy. No worries about electricity
  4. Portability – easily portable and can be carried anywhere while traveling.
  5. Solar battery chargers have an internal battery that is capable of storing energy.
  6. Can charge phones with the same amount of time as a normal electricity would provide
  7. Requires sunlight

What all can I charge from these chargers?

This totally depends on the size of the panels and how efficiently they work. The larger the panel, the more devices you can charge. Bigger chargers power several devices simultaneously.

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