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We at SolarClue (buy solar water heater in Jamshedpur at an affordable price) are known as one of the best suppliers, dealers in the industry, engaged in providing you the best solution and believe one thing – in order to make the transition from burning fossil fuels for energy, to the renewable green energy options, we have to start using solar hot water systems for getting hot water facilities with eco-friendly living.

Buy Solar Water Heater in Jamshedpur

Solar water heater price is reasonable at SolarClue – a trustworthy platform to get your preferred one. We, at SolarClue, offer a wide array of water heaters, which are operated using solar power system technology. You can get to buy the best solar water heater in Jamshedpur with portable sizes at SolarClue and even online.

About Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater is one of the cheapest and renewable devices available for heating water for various purposes like bathing, washing, cleaning, etc. using solar energy. The solar heater is very popular because of the immense benefits as it can reduce the annual energy costs related to heating than your existing storage water heaters. Solar devices such as solar water heater is a blessing to the environment we are living in.

Solar Water Heater is a device that gives you hot water by using sunlight. Users can easily install it on their roof or terrace where the sunlight comes properly, and with this solar energy, the solar water heaters heat the water during day time, which is then collected in an insulated water tank to use maximum for 2 days.

The solar water heater is developed by all standards of quality and safety, thus ensuring safety for use at home. SolarClue is an online platform to buy solar water heaters in Jamshedpur directly from top brands such as Supreme, V-Guard, Havells, EMMVEE Solarizer, Racold, and Kamal Solar.

A solar water heater is an incredibly beneficial choice if you’re trying to figure out how to cut traditional electric water heating expenses. Solar water heating systems are designed to heat water using collected sunlight, and they can be connected alongside a standard water heater to lower costs without reducing convenience.

It is an important factor to work with a reputed professional solar water heater installation company to make sure your solar hot water is correctly set up with no trouble at all. We, at SolarClue, are one of the trustworthy yet fastest-growing solar companies and solar water heater suppliers that offer you a cost-effective and reliable choice for hot water. 

Solar water heater

Salient Features of Solar Water Heating System:

  • Fuel Saving- A 100 liters capacity SWH can save 1500 units of electricity annually.
  • Beneficial for Environment- A Solar Water Heater of 100 liters capacity can prevent the emission of 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide per year.
  • Total Life- 15 to 20 years of life span (durability) approximately.
  • Costing- Rs.15000- 20,000 for a 100 liters capacity system and Rs.110-150 per installed liter for higher capacity solar water heating systems.
  • Payback period- 3-4 years’ time duration for payback when electricity is replaced 4-5 years/when furnace oil is replaced 5-6 years/when coal is replaced. 
  • Solar Water Heater has the longest warranty period as compared to other solar energy devices.
  • Solar Water Heater is one of the most reliable and durable devices.

SolarClue is one of the topnotch B2B and B2C online marketplaces dedicated to dealing with an extensive range of solar products’ distribution. This platform is a combination of leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, and Distributors who enable us to provide a wide gamut of solar products not only in Jamshedpur but also in the PAN India level.

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