Solar Water Heater & Its Working Principle

The solar water heater is one of the popular solar system devices that utilize solar energy. The solar water heater is a cheap yet cost-effective way to supply hot water for your home, and it also uses solar radiation or sunshine as fuel to heat water. We are blessed with unlimited solar power at no cost.

Though the solar water heater or solar water heating system is the cheapest method of heating water, we don’t require to pay for the heat of the sun. It can be used for homes, hospitals, nursing homes, community centers, hotels, dairy plants, ashrams, hostels, swimming pools, canteens, and industries.

The solar water heaters are manufactured in different designs, but, they have common components:

  • Solar Collector (helps in collecting solar energy)
  • Insulated Storage Tank (its purpose is to store hot water)
  • Supporting Stand
  • Connecting Pipes and Instrumentation, etc.

Solar Water Heater Working Principle

First of all the Sun rays fall on the Solar Collector, which is consisted a black absorbing surface (absorber) that absorbs solar radiation, and transfers the heat energy to water flowing through it.

After this, heated water is collected in a tank, insulated to prevent heat loss. Then the circulation of water from the tank through the collector and back to the tank continues automatically.

An Insulated Storage Tank of a Solar Water Heater is useful to collect solar energy by collector panels to store hot water.

Solar Water Heater Working Principle Diagram                                                           (Image Source:

Salient Features of Solar Water Heating System:

  • Fuel Saving- A 100 liters capacity SWH can save 1500 units of electricity annually.
  • Beneficial for Environment- A Solar Water Heater of 100 liters capacity can prevent the emission of 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide per year.
  • Total Life- 15 to 20 years of life span (durability) approximately.
  • Costing- Rs.15000- 20,000 for a 100 liters capacity system and Rs.110-150 per installed liter for higher capacity solar water heating systems.
  • Payback period- 3-4 years’ time duration for payback when electricity is replaced 4-5 years/when furnace oil is replaced 5-6 years/when coal is replaced. 
  • Solar Water Heater has the longest warranty period as compared to other solar energy devices.
  • Solar Water Heater is one of the most reliable and durable devices.

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