Solar technology has evolved at a huge pace in the past last 2 decades. Renewable energy is becoming a subject of discussion in many organizational structures. Whether it is industrial or commercial, solar energy has one of the aspects that everyone needs to explore. Many companies are already promoting solar as their asset making people invest in solar products.

Solar garden lights are one of the best-used solar innovation products in the market today. The principle of solar light operation is quite simple and easy to understand. The PVC installed at the top converts sun energy into light. Once the energy is collected, it is stored in a rechargeable cell battery (that can be used when there is no sun; mostly at night). The fundamentals of solar lighting are to provide outdoor lighting mainly during the evening in gardens or streets.

Apart from providing lighting on the path, there are some other benefits of solar garden lights:
  1. Low Maintenance: Solar Garden lights are easy to maintain as they are installed at the top of the pole, which is very much away from human interaction reduced the chances of manhandling. There is no need to clean the PVC panel as dust particles can easily get washed away by the rain.
  2. Low pollution: While you choose to go solar, you are contributing to a pollution-free environment as there is no carbon emission involved.
  3. Long-term Investment: With no electricity bill, you are actually saving your money without paying anything.
  4. Unlimited source: Sun energy is boundless and it is everywhere and you can seek it from anywhere.


You might calculate now how much money you would have saved if you had installed solar lights at your premises. No worries, we at SolarClue have a solution to it. You can check out the best solar garden lights which give you maximum returns on the electricity bill with up to 40% on the MRP.  Who knows, with solar garden lights installed at your premises, you might be the next social media sensation. Check out for more product information.


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