Top 3 Strategies of Selling Solar Remotely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic is reshaping the lives of people around the world, and sales of the solar industry have not been left behind to bring an impact among business owners. Yes, selling solar products facing a different world, but still, there is a way out to reach customers and increase the speed of the sales process by realizing the full potential of remote prospecting. Just like you are taking precautions in your everyday life, such as frequent handwashing and disinfecting high-touch surfaces during COVID, there are also strategies sales teams can use to cope with the solar business impact of coronavirus. Have a look!

How to sale solar remotely

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1. Building trust is more important than ever

We all know that building trust with customers is the most essential factor for success in every sale, and this also remains true when conducting remote sales for solar business. Though, our strategies like building trust must be strengthened, because gaining faith in your potential clients is more challenging virtually than in person.

You must bring this global crisis topic like Coronavirus during interactions with leads by asking them how they are doing, showing solidarity, and sharing the measures your company takes to address the crisis, etc.; and this will build trust during this time. When it comes time to have a remote solar’ sales appointment with a lead, you can use many of the same trust-building strategies that you were using in person before Covid.

The most important part is to make sure your client is comfortable with the virtual tool they are using before the appointment begins. And, you need to make sure your lead understands they have a real person on the other end of the screen and aren’t just watching an advertisement or promo.

Trust and working remotely

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2. Choose the right tools

When selling remotely, you need to ensure your clients get all of the same important information that they would when they even receive during an in-person appointment, therefore the selection of the right virtual tools is crucial to making this happen.

We suggest using a virtual tool like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and many more that allow your client to see you, lets your client see your screen (so they can see your slides, design software, etc.) & allow you to see your client’s screen (so you can see their utility statements), permits for chat and file sharing (to share resources, proposals, etc.). Moreover, the tool should be user-friendly and integrated with your other tools, most importantly your calendar and email (to easily send invitations, updates, and follow-ups).

3. Learn from one another and your clients

Remote sales will likely be difficult for some of your sales team and at the same time, some will be more comfortable with it than others. Remote sales appointments have a key advantage over in-person sales as it is easier for your salespeople to learn from one another by following sales appointments.

Remote sales give your salespeople time to connect both inside and outside of sales appointments to strengthen strategies throughout your organization; it will save your team time since they won’t have to travel; it could expand your service area by allowing you to reach leads. Furthermore, it demonstrates that your company is in touch with the times and willing to experiment with new practices for the benefit of your customers.

Final Say

Even though things can seem a little depressing due to pandemic, but then it’s recommended not to stop selling. Keep going, keep prospecting, and stay calm!

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