5 Top Myths About Solar

When people think of installing a solar power system in their homes, some individuals may try to scare them with misinformation. If a point is not valid, they should not speak about it. Personally, I feel strongly about this—what do you think? It depends on you. In this blog, I have gathered some facts that will blow your mind. I will enlighten you by revealing these facts of 5 top myths about Solar. Stay tuned until the end of the blog.

Myths and Misconceptions about Solar

Myth 1: Solar Panels Only Work When the Sun is Bright

You are the one who has this question in your mind do solar panels work on rainy days? Include me in that. Solar Panels will work when the sun is bright and cloudy too. You might ask how I know this. Recently, I visited a place where large solar power systems were installed. It was cloudy at the time, so I asked if the system was generating power. The answer was yes, and they showed me proof. Below is a picture of that system. Solar panels are designed to perform in both cold and sunny climates. It’s important to note that solar panels collect light, not heat.

proof that solar power works on cloudy days


Myth 2: Solar is Too Expensive (Why solar panels are so expensive?)

This is one of the solar panel myths. Have you ever wondered why solar is perceived as expensive? It’s common to understand that when something is expensive, it often provides more value. The value of solar energy exceeds its initial cost. Solar power will benefit you significantly in the future. Investing in solar is something you’ll never regret. 

Labelling solar as expensive and holding back won’t help. In India, the government has introduced many solar schemes who will provide financial help. Government subsidies for solar installations are available, so there’s no need to worry excessively. Financing options are also available, and many banks like the State Bank of India and Union Bank offer solar loans. You can take advantage of these opportunities. Now I hope you are clear about why solar panels are so expensive but the government is there to help you out.

Myth 3: Rooftop Solar Systems Make Your Home Unattractive

Do rooftop solar systems make your home look unappealing? Do you really feel that way? Why not consider it differently? Does keeping your roof vacant make your house more appealing? Installing a rooftop solar system benefits both you and the environment. Utilizing your roof space for something that builds a better future is important.

Myth 4: Solar Systems Require Constant Maintenance

Everyone thinks maintenance of solar panels on the roof is hectic and I feel the same way. Have you ever thought about why solar systems require constant maintenance? Think about it this way: you buy a car for travelling. The main purpose of the car is to travel, right? It requires maintenance, doesn’t it? Of course, it does, to become more efficient and to provide better mileage. The same applies to solar systems. Cleaning your solar panels helps them generate power more efficiently. You can buy a solar panel cleaning brush which makes it easy for you. While solar systems do require maintenance for optimal performance, it’s not continuous and involves less maintenance than you might think.

Myth 5: Installing Solar Panels Will Reduce Your Home’s Value

This myth is wrong. A quick search on Google will show that solar panels can actually increase your home’s value. Think about it: when you buy solar panels, you’re making an investment. When you add an extra investment to your property, does its value increase or decrease? Let me know. It obviously increases, right?

Sometimes we are persuaded by others’ words. Say no to these misconceptions and start making informed decisions.


Don’t believe rumours; check the facts and learn more about solar energy. Solar power is becoming increasingly popular. Just as good things often come with some drawbacks, it’s important to discern the truth.

If you are hesitant due to these myths, it’s time to take a step forward. Solar energy works in all seasons, but efficiency may vary.


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