10 Solar Power System Suppliers in Chennai

In the quest for a cleaner and more sustainable future, the booming Indian city of Chennai is actively harnessing the power of the sun. Chennai is taking ambitious steps to leverage solar power, driven by its expanding population and escalating energy demands. The city’s abundant sunlight serves as an ideal source of renewable energy, particularly in a region renowned for its scorching temperatures. In this blog post, I will furnish you with information about suppliers of solar power system in Chennai.

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What is Solar power, and how is it generated?

The conversion of sunlight’s light energy into electricity is accomplished through solar power. Solar (photovoltaic) panels produce power by converting light energy into direct current (DC) electricity through the absorption of sunlight. Before utilisation, an inverter transmits solar power to all electrical appliances or converts it into alternating current.

What is a Solar Power System?

Solar panels are used in solar power systems to collect sunlight and turn it into electricity. It’s a sustainable method to produce electricity and reduce carbon footprints.

What are the types of Solar Power systems?

Solar power systems are of different types; each is designed to meet specific energy needs and requirements. 

  1. Grid-Tied Solar System
  2. Off-Grid Solar System
  3. Hybrid Solar System

What are the appliances that solar products replace?

Here are some alternative solar energy-generating appliances that take the place of conventional ones. Each of these goods is customised for certain uses in an effort to satisfy various consumer needs.

  1. Solar Water Heaters
  2. Solar Water Purifiers
  3. Solar-Powered Air Conditioning
  4. Solar-Powered Pumps
  5. Solar Desalination Systems
  6. Solar Cooking and Heating Devices
  7. Solar-Powered Vehicles
  8. Solar-Powered Batteries
  9. Solar Chargers
  10. Solar-Powered Ventilation

Why should you go for Solar?

It would be best if you went for Solar because it is the future. As the Government of India has recognised, the energy and power sectors will help the country grow. In India, we receive more Sunlight because it is between the equator and the tropic of Cancer. As Indians, we can benefit from Sunlight by using solar power. Solar is the best investment for you. It will help you and the environment, too.

Who are the suppliers of Solar Power Systems in Chennai?
  1. Solarclue
  2. Daystar Solar
  3. Power World Power Solutions
  4. Vigor Solar Energy Pvt Ltd
  5. Solar Power Chennai
  6. Solstrom Solar Energy Solutions
  7. Grand Shakthi Power Private Limited
  8. Suryan Solar Systems
  9. Shiva Sakthi Solar
  10. Seshaa Solar Power System
1. Solarclue

Solarclue is one of the top suppliers of solar power systems in Pan India. It is a platform that connects manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, sellers, and buyers in the Solar products business. We allow companies to enrol for free on our website. We offer a wide variety of solar products from various brands. The ultimate purpose of our organisation is to provide a solution for sustainability; that’s how we named ourselves, i.e., Solarclue.

Products Offered: Solar Appliances, Solar Lights, Solar Components, Solar Inverters, Solar Power Systems, Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Electric Vehicles, and Solar Services.

Contact No. : +91 8884444830

Email ID:  sales@solarclue.com

Website: https://www.solarclue.com/

2. Daystar Solar

The Daystar Solar Company was founded with the intention of assisting individuals, families, and businesses in utilising solar energy. For a better and more sustainable future, they offer professional advice, source superior solar panels, and handle expert installations.

Products Offered: Solar Inverter, Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Solar Mounts, Solar Street Lights, and Solar hardware.

Address : H5, Third Avenue, Anna Nagar East, Chennai – 600102, Tamil Nadu

Contact No. : +91-7666865051

3. Power World Power Solutions

Power World is a Sole Proprietorship (Individual) company that was created in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, in the year 2000. They were also involved as a trader and a retailer.

Products Offered: Solar Products, solar structure, on grid inverter, off grid inverter, Street Lights, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Batteries, and more.

Address : No. 49/29, 8th Street, Pudhur, Ashok Nagar, Chennai – 600083, Tamil Nadu, India.

Contact No. : +91-9841772883

4. Vigor Solar Energy Pvt Ltd

The goal of Vigour Solar Energy Pvt Ltd is to provide consumers with excellent quality and innovative renewable energy solutions to overcome the issues of dependable and reasonably priced power. As they work hard to give the clients ongoing value by offering superior customer service and quick responses.

Products Offered: Studer Solar Off Grid Inverters and Chargers, Flin Energy On Grid and Off Grid Inverters and other products.

Address : G-13 Elcanso Complex, No 10 Casa Major Road, Egmore, Chennai – 600008.

Contact No. : +91-9962588533

5. Solar Power Chennai

Kongu Engineers, a recognised manufacturer, dealer, supplier, and service provider of AC to DC, DC to AC, and AC to AC power products.

Products Offered: Solar Inverters, Online UPS, Off-Line UPS, Sinewave Inverters, Battery Chargers, Isolation Transformers, SMPS and Servo Voltage stabilizers.

Address : 2/12, Appadurai Street, Near S.I.E.T College, Teynampet, Chennai – 600018, India.

Contact No. : +91-9840051581

6. Solstrom Solar Energy Solutions

With more than ten years of experience in the field of solar energy products, SOLSTROM has enabled Greener light throughout India. They are dedicated to providing world-class solar energy products and services to meet your diversified solar energy needs. We aim for a Greener tomorrow, just like you!

Products Offered: Solar Batteries, Hybrid/Off-grid Inverters, Solar Inverters, Solar Mounting Structures, Solar Panels and Solar Power Plant.

Address : 47, Jayalakshmi Nagar, Moulivakkam, Chennai – 600116

Contact No. : +91-8939978450

7. Grand Shakthi Power Private Limited

In Tamil Nadu, Grand Shakthi Power Private Limited (GSPL) is a well-established provider of solar energy solutions. With over a decade of experience, GSPL specializes in offering comprehensive turnkey solutions for solar power systems, providing a minimum capacity of one kWh up to any desired volume. GSPL also operates within the biomass, coal, and wind energy sectors. GSPL’s success in ensuring customer satisfaction can be attributed to its highly skilled team and innovative solution concepts tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Products Offered: On Grid Solar System, Off Grid Solar System, Rooftop Solar Projects, Rooftop OPEX Solar Projects, Ground Mounted Solar Projects, Group Captive Power Supply and Agriculture Solar Pump.

Address : No. 35-B, Mantyralayam Tower II nd Floor, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, Hasthinapuram, Chrompet – Chennai – 600044

Contact No. : +91 – 7094697989

8. Suryan Solar Systems

They operate as a sole proprietorship. In addition, they offer services like solar panel installation, procurement service, and solar testing service. The products are of exceptional quality and comply with international standards, and they are created to specifically satisfy the needs of our customers.

Products Offered: Solar Streetlight, Flatplate Water Heater, Power Plant and many more.

Address : 11, Elango St, J.B.Nagar, Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai – 62

Contact No. : +91 – 9940568700

9. Shiva Sakthi Solar

Our business operates as a sole proprietorship. In addition, we offer services like solar testing, solar panel installation, and procurement service. Our products are high-quality and in accordance with international standards, and they are created to specifically satisfy the needs of our customers. We provide our products on the market at reasonable pricing.

Products Offered: On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Systems

Address : No.4, Gowthaman Street, Pasumpon Nagar, Pammal, Chennai – 600075

Contact No. : +91 – 9840022046

10. Seshaa Solar Power System

Seshaa Solar System has vast expertise in developing and implementing rooftop solar photovoltaic systems. Recognising the energy-saving potential of open roof spaces, Seshaa Solar System intends to make optimal use of these regions.

Products Offered: Solar Power Plant , Solar Rooftop Installation, Solar Panel Installation, Solar Water Heater, Solar Street Lights, Solar Power Plant Company , Solar Power Plant, On-Grid Solar System, Off-Grid Solar System, Solar Air Conditioner, and Solar Water Pump.

Address :

23/1521, H BLOCK, 5th Street, Ranganathan Garden, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600040, India

Contact No. : +91-94452 53885

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