10 Solar Power Systems in Surat

Surat, a city in India, is generally known as the “Diamond City” for its significant role in the diamond cutting and polishing business. Surat draws tourists from all over the world because of its flourishing textile market and extensive cultural legacy. It does, however, have problems, such as pollution and garbage management, like many cities. Many people and companies in Surat are adopting innovative approaches, like installing solar panels that generate clean energy and have a positive effect on their bottom line and the environment, to solve these issues and promote sustainability. In this blog post, I will provide you with information on solar power system suppliers in Surat.


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What is Solar power, and how is it generated?

The conversion of sunlight’s light energy into electricity is accomplished through solar power. Solar (photovoltaic) panels produce power by converting light energy into direct current (DC) electricity through the absorption of sunlight. Before utilization, an inverter transmits solar power to all electrical appliances or converts it into alternating current.

What is a Solar Power System?

Solar panels are used in solar power systems to collect sunlight and turn it into electricity. It’s a sustainable method to produce electricity and reduce carbon footprints.

What are the types of Solar Power systems?

Solar power systems are of different types; each is designed to meet specific energy needs and requirements. 

  1. Grid-Tied Solar System
  2. Off-Grid Solar System
  3. Hybrid Solar System

What are the appliances that solar products replace?

Here are some alternative solar energy-generating appliances that take the place of conventional ones. Each of these goods is customised for certain uses to satisfy various consumer needs.

  1. Solar Water Heaters
  2. Solar Water Purifiers
  3. Solar-Powered Air Conditioning
  4. Solar-Powered Pumps
  5. Solar Desalination Systems
  6. Solar Cooking and Heating Devices
  7. Solar-Powered Vehicles
  8. Solar-Powered Batteries
  9. Solar Chargers
  10. Solar-Powered Ventilation

Why should you go for Solar?

It would be best if you went for Solar because it is the future. As the Government of India has recognised, the energy and power sectors will help the country grow. In India, we receive more Sunlight because it is between the equator and the tropic of Cancer. As Indians, we can benefit from Sunlight by using solar power. Solar is the best investment for you. It will help you and the environment, too.

Who are the suppliers of Solar Power Systems in Surat?
  1. Solarclue
  2. Sunsky Solar
  3. Sunora Solar
  4. Cosmic Energy and Engineering
  5. Greenedge Energy LLP
  6. Debu Energy
  7. Ananya Solar Technologies
  8. Trama Power
  9. Kashyap Solar
  10. Sun Rewaa Green Energy
1. Solarclue

Solarclue is one of the top suppliers of solar power systems in Pan India. It is a platform that connects manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, sellers, and buyers in the Solar products business. We allow companies to enrol for free on our website. We offer a wide variety of solar products from various brands. The ultimate purpose of our organisation is to provide a solution for sustainability; that’s how we named ourselves, i.e., Solarclue.

Products Offered: Solar Appliances, Solar Lights, Solar Components, Solar Inverters, Solar Power Systems, Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Electric Vehicles, and Solar Services.

Contact No. : +91 8884444830

Email ID:  sales@solarclue.com

Website: https://www.solarclue.com/

2. Sunsky Solar

Sunsky Solar specializes in design and installation of PV Solar modules offering solutions for both grid-connected utility and off-grid industrial residential projects.

Products Offered: Solar System, Heat Pumps and Solar Lights

Address : 437, Silver Business Hub, Nr. Yogi Nagar BRTS Station, Simada, Surat.

Contact No. : +91-6355119237

3. Sunora Solar

The company says that there is a growing global need for energy despite the limited availability of traditional resources like coal and petroleum. Solar Rooftop Systems, which use the energy produced by solar photovoltaic panels, have grown up as an independent solution to this problem. In Gujarat, India’s electrical sector, Unique Electrical has long been a dominant force.

Products Offered: Solar Rooftop Power Plant, Solar Water Heater, Design and Engineering Solar System and Boot Model for Solar Rooftop

Address : White House Apartment, Shop no.201/202, Opposite LaxmiKant Society, Near Rashi circle, Katargam, Surat, Gujarat – 395004

Contact No. : 18008998090

4. Cosmic Energy and Engineering

COSMIC PV POWER PVT. LTD. has a subsidiary called Cosmic Energy and Engineering. They provide premium solar panels.

Products Offered: DCR Poly 330wp, Non DCR Poly 335wp, Non DCR Mono Perc 380wp, On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Systems

Address : E-11, Ghael compound, B/h Ganesh Hyundai Showroom, Udhna, Surat, Gujarat – 394210

Contact No. : 18008919590

5. Greenedge Energy LLP

Greenedge Energy, a well-known producer, exporter, and distributor of premium solar products, was founded in 2017. They commitment is to exceeding customer expectations by offering excellent solutions that meet their needs. To build strong relationships with the customers, they business operations are guided by ethical practises and complete transparency.

Products Offered: Deye Solar Inverters, Solar On Grid Inverter, Deye Hybrid Inverter, Deye On Grid Inverters, Hybrid Solar Inverter, MONO PERC Solar Panel, Solar ACDB Solar Inverter, Solar On Grid and other solar products.

Address : Greenedge Energy 407, Royal Arcade, Jeevandhara Hotel Lane, Geeetanjali, Varachha Road, Surat – 395006

Contact No. : +91-8046045824

6. Debu Energy

Debu Energy is a well-established supplier and service provider in the market that was founded in 2014 as a sole proprietorship. The company specialises in providing comprehensive EPC solutions and rooftop installations for solar power plants ranging in size from kilowatt to megawatt.

Products Offered: Solar Plants, Industrial Solar Roofing Systems, Solar Rooftop Systems for homes, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Water Heaters, and more.

Address : 201 Madhav Baug Row House, Beside Raj Harmony, Bhesan Road, Ugat, Surat, Gujarat – 395005

Contact No. : +91-9106366687

7. Ananya Solar Technologies

The company, which specialises in EPC services for solar power plants, a major player in the Indian solar industry. They provide turnkey solar project services so that clients can concentrate on their core businesses while we design and build PV plants that are affordable and efficient in terms of energy use.

Products Offered: Solar for Residential, Solar Water Pump, Ground Mount Solar Projects, Commercial and Industrial solar solutions.

Address : 535-536, Laxmi Enclave – 2, Laxmi Circle, Opposite Gajera School, Katargam, Surat, Gujarat – 395004

Contact No. : +91 – 9930990891

8. Trama Power

They provide specialized solutions with quality and potential cost savings, promoting clean power and a sustainable future. The goal is to offer innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable energy solutions to a billion people, ensuring secure investments and guaranteed results.

Products Offered: On Grid, Off Grid Power Systems and other services.

Address : 224, Shaswat Plaza, Near Punagam BRTS,B/h Polaris Complex, Canal Road, Punagam, Surat, Gujarat – 395010

Contact No. : +91 – 9924546989

9. Kashyap Solar

A prominent EPC company in the solar industry, Kashyap Solar has experience building solar PV power plants with a capacity of more than 125 MW. To help investors, developers, commercial & industrial customers adopt solar power, Kashyap provides EPC solutions. Leading solar EPC firm Kashyap Solar carries out projects from conception to commissioning, including their maintenance and operations.

Products Offered: On-Grid and Off-Grid Power Systems

Address : 502 Liberty Chambers, Timaliyawad, Nanpura, Surat, Gujarat – 395001

Contact No. : +91 – 9898031010

10. Sun Rewaa Green Energy

Sun Rewaa Green Energy is helping to move India in the direction of clean energy and a better future. It is a specialised solar platform with the objective of using its technological platform to solarize every rooftop.

Products Offered: Solar On Grid Inverter, Solar Panel, Solar Inverter, Residential On Grid Solar Power System, ACDB DCDB Box, Renewable System Solar Module, Solar DC Cable, and many more.

Address : 204, Shreeji Chambers Near Shree Nidhi Safe Vault, Mahidharpura, Surat, Gujarat, India – 395004

Contact No. : +91-9499518850

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