10 Solar Power Systems Suppliers in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the state capital of Telangana, is known as the “City of Pearls.” It gained the reputation of being the “City of Nizams” because of its historical ties to the Nizam kings. Hyderabad is establishing itself as a centre for various global information technology companies, indicating its rapid development. Despite this progress, the city has struggled with huge pollution, ranking first in South India regarding pollution levels. Recognising the need for sustainability, the public is now actively adopting environmentally friendly methods. Adopting solar solutions is a key strategy in the collective attempt to maintain the environment.  In this blog post, I will provide you with information on solar power system suppliers in Hyderabad.

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How does solar power generate?

The conversion of sunlight’s light energy into electricity is accomplished through solar power. Solar (photovoltaic) panels produce power by converting light energy into direct current (DC) electricity through the absorption of sunlight. Before utilisation, an inverter transmits solar power to all electrical appliances or converts it into alternating current.

What is a Solar Power System?

Solar panels are used in solar power systems to collect sunlight and turn it into electricity. It’s a sustainable method to produce electricity and reduce carbon footprints.

What are the types of Solar Power systems?

Solar power systems are of different types; each is designed to meet specific energy needs and requirements. 

  1. Grid-Tied Solar System
  2. Off-Grid Solar System
  3. Hybrid Solar System

What are the appliances that solar products replace?

Here are some alternative solar energy-generating appliances that take the place of conventional ones. Each of these goods is customised for certain uses to satisfy various consumer needs.

  1. Solar Water Heaters
  2. Solar Water Purifiers
  3. Solar-Powered Air Conditioning
  4. Solar-Powered Pumps
  5. Solar Desalination Systems
  6. Solar Cooking and Heating Devices
  7. Solar-Powered Vehicles
  8. Solar-Powered Batteries
  9. Solar Chargers
  10. Solar-Powered Ventilation

Why should you go for Solar?

It would be best if you went for Solar because it is the future. As the Government of India has recognised, the energy and power sectors will help the country grow. In India, we receive more Sunlight because it is between the equator and the tropic of Cancer. As Indians, we can benefit from Sunlight by using solar power. Solar is the best investment for you. It will help you and the environment, too.

Who are the suppliers of Solar Power Systems in Hyderabad?
  1. Solarclue
  2. Photon Energy Systems Ltd.
  3. Orbit Solar Energy System
  4. Pragyanetic Power
  5. Akshaya Solar Power Private Limited
  6. Surya Teja Solar Energy
  7. Solar Idea Private Limited
  8. Dinkrit Solar Power Systems
  9. Suntek Energy Systems Private Limited
  10. Ace Solar Power Solutions
1. Solarclue

Solarclue is one of the top suppliers of solar power systems in India. It is a platform that connects manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, sellers, and buyers in the Solar products business. We allow companies to enrol for free on our website. We offer a wide variety of solar products from various brands. The ultimate purpose of our organisation is to provide a solution for sustainability; that’s how we named ourselves, i.e., Solarclue.

Products Offered: Solar Appliances, Solar Lights, Solar Components, Solar Inverters, Solar Power Systems, Solar Panels, Solar Batteries, Electric Vehicles, and Solar Services

Contact No. : +91 8884444830

Email Id: sales@solarclue.com

Website: https://www.solarclue.com/

2. Photon Energy Systems Limited

To lower carbon dioxide emissions, Photon Energy Systems Limited (Photon) is dedicated to producing more solar energy. Photon wants to be the top supplier of solar energy solutions worldwide. They prioritise quality and have obtained certification for their Quality Management Systems from TÜV Rheinland, ensuring compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.

Products Offered: PV Modules, Solar Smart Systems, Domestic and Industrial Heating System, Solar Rooftops and Megawatt power plants.

Address : Plot No. 775-K, Road No.45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500033, Telangana, India

Contact No. : +91 – 9000333760

3. Orbit Solar Energy System

Orbit Solar Energy Systems wants to put solar panels on every vacant roof space, which can result in a 25% boost in yearly capital returns. This effort benefits both people and the environment.

Products Offered: Rooftop grid tied system, Rooftop Off-grid system, Intelligent Hybrid Solar system, Solar Live Monitoring, Solar Net Meter, and Solar Fencing.

Address : Pillar No. 53, Dilshad Nagar, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad – 500028

Contact No. : +91 – 9059141129

4. Pragyanetic Power

Pragyanetic Energy is dedicated to advancing India’s green revolution by putting renewable energy alternatives into practise. The goal of Pragyanetic is to solarize the nation and bring about improvement in both rural and urban areas. With the use of their Pragyanetic Green Vision (PGV), they intend to educate villages, raise their standard of living, and open up new revenue streams. To speed up the green revolution and ensure long-term development, they provide training at Pragyanetic Incubation Centres.

Address : 505, Windzor Plaza,  Padma Colony, Nallakunta, Hyderabad – 500044, Telangana, India

Contact No. : +91-9182520336

5. Akshaya Solar Power Private Limited

Akshaya Solar Power Private Limited was established in 2010 with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by increasing the use of solar energy.

Products Offered: Solar Panels, Solar Water Pumps, and Rooftop Solar Systems

Address : Plot No.60/C/E, Phase – I, IDA Jeedimetla, Hyderabad – 500 055, Telangana, India

Contact No. : +91 – 9494999908

6. Surya Teja Solar Energy

Suryateja Solar Energy Company is a well-known provider of solar energy solutions in India. Their primary goal is to provide consumers, businesses, and governments with clean, cheap, and sustainable energy solutions.

Products Offered: On-grid Installation, Off-grid Installation, Solar Fencing, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Pump and Solar Inverters.

Email Id: ssenergy18@gmail.com

Contact No. : +91 – 9705524169

7. Solar Idea Private Limited

Solar Idea Private Limited is a forward-thinking solar solution firm with a bright future and one of the solar power system suppliers in Hyderabad. We strive to contribute to a more sustainable society by creating creative solutions that harness the power of the sun, with a strong belief in the potential of solar energy.

Products Offered: Solar Street Lights, Solar PV, Solar Water Heaters, Control Panels, ATS Panels, AMF, Energy Meter Panel Board and many more.

Address : Door No. 8-2-277/A/7, Plot 126, Road No.2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500034

Contact No. : 040-49464332

8. Dinkrit Solar Power Systems

Dinkrit Solar Power Systems was established in 2012 as a sole proprietorship. They are in the business of manufacturing, supplying, and trade of solar products.

Products Offered: Solar Water Heaters, Solar Power Plants, On-Grid Power Plants, Solar Roof Top Power Plants, DC Home Lighting Systems, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Outdoor Lightings, Solar Air Conditioners, Solar Charge Controllers, and Solar Panel Mounting Structures

Address : 7-4-113, Madhavinagar, Opp BBR Hospital,, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500011

Contact No. : +91-9030552238

9. Suntek Energy Systems Private Limited

Suntek Energy Systems Private Limited is one of the solar power system suppliers in Hyderabad.was founded in 2008 and has risen in size and experience since then. It is a Manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of solar products. These products use solar technology. They contain battery backups, allowing them to operate even at night.

Products Offered: Solar Water Heaters, Solar Rooftop System, Solar Panels for home, Solar Panel Suppliers and many more.

Address : 12, Pipe Line Road, Bhagya Nagar Colony, Pipe Line Road, Bhagya Nagar Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072

Contact No. : 91 – 9030032222

10. Ace Solar Power Solutions

Ace Solar Power Solutions, situated in Hyderabad, is a recognised provider that provides a wide range of solar goods for residential, commercial, and other uses.

Products Offered: Roof top solar power systems and other solar products.

Address : 3-4-36/1, Medical Society, Sumitra Nagar Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072

Contact No. : +91 – 8885388629

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