Which is the Best Water Heater for your Home?

Do you want to know which is the best water heater? If you are thinking of buying a water heater that would consume less energy, this blog will guide you through. By the end you will understand which is the best solar water heater for your home.

In this blog, we will get to see a comparison between three best solar hot water heaters. They are:

  • Solar Water Heater
  • Heat Pumps
  • Hybrid Heat Pump System

Solar Water Heater System

A solar water heater is a device that utilizes sunlight to heat water for various domestic, commercial, or industrial purposes. It consists of solar collectors to absorb sunlight and transfer the heat to water, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional water heating methods.

It operates by collecting sunlight through solar panels or collectors, which then heat water within the system. This heated fluid is then circulated to a storage tank where it transfers its heat to the water supply, providing hot water for use.

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Which one would you choose for your home?

Heat Pump Systems

A heat pump water heater absorbs heat from the ambient air to heat water. Unlike a solar water heater, it uses electricity.

Heat pump water heaters absorb heat from the air. A refrigerant evaporates and becomes a gas. The gas compresses and becomes hot. The hot gas transfers heat to water in a storage tank. This efficient process provides continuous hot water while saving up to 75-80% of energy compared to traditional water heaters.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

A hybrid heat pump is a combination of a solar water heater and a heat pump. This solar assisted heat pump system can be installed in two ways. One, is that you may buy a heat pump and a solar water heater separately. The other where there is a single tank, a compressor, and a solar panel.

Both the kinds work in the same way. Firstly, the solar water heater starts working. It absorbs sunlight to produce heat. If the heat is enough, it is transferred to the tank, to heat the water. But, if the temperature of heat produced isn’t enough, it is transferred to the heat. There, it gets compressed to increase the temperature. Finally, this heat is transferred to the tank.

It is up to you which kind of hybrid system you would want to buy. But buying the two heating systems separately is preferred more. This is because, if one system stops working, the other will keep working efficiently. So, there will be no interruptions in your hot water flow in your home.

Solar Water Heater vs Heat Pumps vs Hybrid System

Point of comparison Solar Water Heater Heat Pumps Hybrid System

Installation Costs

It is cheaper in comparison to heat pumps and hybrid systems. The price may start from ₹25000/- and go up to around ₹160000/-, depending upon the capacity and brand. The upfront cost is high. It starts from ₹120000/- and can go up to ₹540000/-. So, it is almost double the price of a solar water heater. The price variation depends on the capacity and brand. If you buy two systems separately, then it will depend on the price of the two systems. If you buy a hybrid system, it may cost you around ₹2300000/- to ₹260000/-, depending on the capacity.

Electricity Consumption

It does not consume any electricity. It does run on electricity. The refrigerant runs on electricity. There is also a back-up coil in the system, which runs only when temperature isn’t enough. So, these components consume energy. When the heat pump system runs, it does consume electricity.

Dependency on Weather

This system is dependent on the weather. If the weather is foggy, and no sunlight, it will not be able to produce any hot water. As it uses heat from the ambient air, it can continue working efficiently even in cold climate. If the solar water heater doesn’t get enough sunlight to absorb and create heat, the heat pump will work. So, this system can also work even where there is lack of sunlight.


In a day, a solar water heater can give you a fixed amount of hot water only. It is a regenerative system. Once the tank is emptied, it again starts absorbing heat to heat water. So, the process continues. Because of the heat pump, it is also regenerative.

Time Taken

It takes 6 hours. It takes 3-4 hours. This system takes 2 hours.

Watch the video below to understand each system more clearly.

Which water heater should you buy?

If you live in a place where there isn’t enough sunlight, there is no use of buying a solar water heater, despite its low upfront cost. In this case you may buy a heat pump, as it will be cheaper in the long run.

But you also must keep in mind that a heat pump runs on electricity. So, if your location has a lot of power cuts, then heat pump may not work efficiently. As a heat pump requires 3 hours to heat water, even if 3 hours of electricity works per day, a heat pump is fully efficient.

A hybrid system is useful only when you need to have continuous flow of hot water. Like for example in places like hotels, hospitals, and many more.

Finally, the decision is yours. It is about what your needs and preferences are. Do consult a professional before you actually buy a water heater. It is a big investment, so you should be aware of all the aspects.


All the three systems have their own pros and cons. A solar water heater is the cheapest option of all, because of its low upfront cost and running costs. It does not consume any electricity. But it can supply only a fixed amount of hot water in a day. A heat pump is regenerative system. So, it will keep producing hot water. Combining both, which is the hybrid heat pump cancels the cons of both. Now, you must decide which is the best water heater for your home.

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