Learn to Calculate Heat Pump Capacity

Determining the heat pump capacity is a very important factor when you decide to buy a heat. If you buy an oversized heat pump, then it won’t be 100% efficient.

A heat pump is a water heating appliance for your home. It is more efficient than a geyser, as it consumes less energy. It not only has a positive impact on the environment, but also saves a lot of money, as it consumes less electricity.

In this blog, we will learn how to calculate the capacity of a heat pump. This will help you choose the right heat pump for your home.

Why is Heat Pump Water Heater Capacity Calculation Important?

The reason why you should choose a heat pump over a traditional water heater like a geyser is that a heat pump saves energy. But if you do not calculate the capacity correctly, it will not be 100% efficient.

If the heat pump is undersized, it will not be able to meet the hot water demand, leading to insufficient heating and higher energy bills.

Conversely, an oversized heat pump will short cycle, wasting energy and reducing its lifespan.

So, it is very important to calculate the heat pump capacity correctly before you buy a heat pump.

How to Calculate Heat Pump Capacity?

Heat Pump Capacity depends on the number of members in a household.

It is assumed that, on an average each person requires 40 litres of hot water each day. So as per the assumption, you will have to multiply 40 with the number of members.

Let’s say you have 5 members in your family. Each member will require 40 litres of water. So as per the formula, you would require 200 LPD capacity. So here goes the formula:

Heat Pump Capacity = 40 x n

Where, n=number of members in your household

Want your Heat Pump to be 100% Efficient? Calculate the capacity using the formula to determine the best heat pump purchase!
Which Capacity is best for your home?

You may be thinking, what would happen if guests came over. You may need more capacity then. But don’t worry about that. There is a feature of heat pump. You can manually change the temperature. So, if there are a greater number of members on some days, you may increase the temperature. Then the same capacity will be enough for a greater number of people.

Note that, it is always better if you would consult a professional before you buy a heat pump. There are other factors also, like COP, weather conditions, etc, which also needs to be considered before making the purchase.


In the long run, a heat pump is cost effective, as it consumes less energy, and is long lasting. But the upfront cost is very high, when compared to a geyser. So, when you are buying one, you should ensure that the heat pump will give optimal performance. It should be worth the investment.

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