Modern Technology Promoting Wind Energy.


Wind energy is now the second fastest-growing source of electricity in the world. The global installed capacity of 539,581 megawatts (MW) at the end of 2017. In addition, Wind power generation capacity in India has significantly increased in recent years. As of 31 March 2018 the total install wind power capacity was 34.04 GW the fourth largest wind power capacity in the world. Wind power capacity is present across the South, West and North regions.  Therefore, Wind power costs in India are decreasing rapidly. All these are facts are encouraging for the wind energy market.


Conventional Wind Turbines are generally present in areas where the availability of wind is very high and makes it efficient to install the Turbines.  Moreover, setting up convention windmill requires the very high capital investment as well large area of land. It also hampers wildlife due to noise pollution from wind turbines especially significant impacts on birds. These disadvantages sometimes do not favor setting up wind farms to harness the wind energy. 


With various research going across the world, many new technologies are coming up to harness wind energy in innovative ways. Here are some new technologies which are coming up across the world: 

  • Highway  Turbine: These Turbines are effectively placed on freeway and highway to trap the wind energy from moving vehicles. In addition, the energy can be used for street lights and basic amenities.

  • Helix Turbine: The Helix Wind turbine that can be tower-mounted between 14 and 35 feet or roof mounted just 2 feet above the roof line. The rotor utilizes long helical blade scoops to maximize energy performance in turbulent, gusty or multi-directional wind conditions. In addition, these types of turbines are ideal for household needs. 
  • Enlil Turbine: This wind turbine comes with a mounted solar panel. The wind from vehicles activates wind turbine mounted below solar panel. In addition, Solar panel traps solar energy. Thus, this combination provides energy for street lights and basic amenities. 

Therefore, with such technologies coming up, the future of renewable energy is eminent and bright. 


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