National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE)

In the ever-evolving realm of renewable energy, the National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) emerges as a hub of innovation and research. As an autonomous institution under the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) in the Government of India, NISE is committed to advancing solar technologies and holds a crucial position in shaping the country’s solar energy landscape. Let’s explore the essential elements that establish NISE as a frontrunner in solar energy practices.

NISE Trainings

We are proud to offer the best training programs at the National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE). Explore our diverse range of courses designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field of renewable energy.

Training ProgramDescription
Water Pumping SystemLearn the best practices for designing and installing water pumping systems, ensuring efficient water supply.
Design and Installation of Solar PV Water Pumping SystemGain expertise in designing and installing solar PV water pumping systems, harnessing the power of solar energy for water supply.
Solar PV SystemParticipate in a Three Day Skill Development Program focusing on the design and implementation of Solar PV systems.
Three Day Skill Development Program on Solar PV System DesignEnhance your skills in designing Solar PV systems through a comprehensive three-day training program.
BlockchainExplore the potential of Blockchain Technology in the Energy Sector during this 3-day training.
3 Days training on Explore the potential of Blockchain Technology in Energy SectorUnderstand the applications and benefits of Blockchain in revolutionizing the Energy Sector.
Solar Thermal SystemsLearn the intricacies of designing and evaluating the performance of solar thermal systems.
Designing and Performance Evaluation of Solar Thermal SystemsAcquire knowledge on designing and assessing the performance of Solar Thermal Systems for various applications.
Solar Water HeatersDive into the design aspects of Solar Thermal Systems and Solar Water Heaters (Agni).
Design of Solar Thermal Systems and Solar Water Heaters (Agni)Gain insights into the design principles for Solar Thermal Systems and Solar Water Heaters, specifically the Agni model.
Hydrogen EnergyExplore the prospects of building a Hydrogen Infrastructure for the Transport Sector.
Prospects for building a Hydrogen Infrastructure to the Transport SectorUnderstand the potential and challenges associated with establishing a Hydrogen Infrastructure tailored for the Transport Sector.
NISE Trainings

Research and Development Mandate:

NISE has a distinct focus on research and development, aligning its objectives with the broader goals of MNRE to promote the nationwide adoption of solar energy. As India progresses with the National Solar Mission (NSM), NISE plays a crucial role in supporting MNRE’s initiatives.

Advanced Infrastructure:

NISE features modern infrastructure and facilities dedicated to advancing solar technologies. The institution focuses its major research and development efforts on solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, green hydrogen, solar resources assessment, and more. This commitment to cutting-edge research positions NISE as a leader in solar innovation.

Diverse Engagement Areas:

Beyond research and development, NISE actively participates in testing solar systems, setting standards and certifications, and capacity building. The institution is actively involved in MNRE’s ALMM (Approved List of Models and Manufacturers), PLI (Production Linked Incentive), and Suryamitra training programs. This multifaceted approach ensures that NISE contributes comprehensively to the growth of the solar energy sector in India.

Dedication to Technology Evolution:

NISE is committed to addressing the evolving needs of the solar industry. With a focus on anticipating future challenges and seizing new opportunities for innovation, NISE plays a crucial role in driving technology evolution. The institution envisions preparing the solar industry for cost-optimized solutions without compromising on quality.

Future Plans:

Looking ahead, NISE is poised to continue its dedication to advancing solar technologies and supporting the growth of the solar energy sector in India. The institution’s future plans include further research activities, testing facilities, and the development of new products that contribute to the industry’s evolution.

Explore NISE’s Contributions:

For a comprehensive understanding of NISE’s contributions, one can explore the institution’s website. Learn about ongoing research activities, testing facilities, and the innovative products that NISE has developed. The website serves as a portal to understand how NISE is shaping the solar energy landscape in India.


In conclusion, the National Institute of Solar Energy stands as a catalyst for change in India’s renewable energy sector. With a commitment to research, innovation, and collaboration, NISE paves the way for a sustainable and renewable energy future. Individuals and organizations are invited to join hands with NISE as partners, collaborators, and supporters in collectively striving towards a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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