Solar Lights: Diverse Options that help you to Save Money

Do you know the use of solar lights for all your illumination needs can help in saving money? Yes, it is. Solar lights are energy-efficient lighting solutions and one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills effectively. By replacing the traditional light fittings with solar lights is an excellent yet cost-effective way to save you tons of money.

Solar lights are the best option to light your home, office, or garden using solar energy even at fewer costs. Solar lighting solutions are inexpensive and environmental-friendly ways to provide light for several areas, be it a home or outdoor purposes. The foremost benefit of using such a lighting solution can save you money and energy in the long run.

There are several selections of solar lights or solar lighting classifications that help save on electricity bills and money. Let’s take a look at the options!

Solar Light for Home / Solar Home Lighting System: Solar light for home is made available to provide lighting solutions for varied homes. Solar home lighting systems or solar LED lights for homes are driven by solar energy using solar cells, which converts sunlight to the power supply directly. The energy or power stores in batteries of solar lights for house and later on, get used for the lighting of home premises.  And, solar light for home price or solar home lighting system price is again different from each category to another based on its capacity and other specifications.

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Solar Lanterns or Solar Lantern Lights: Solar lanterns are used, especially in rural areas where the power supply appears irregular or limited. Even in urban areas, people prefer to use solar lantern lights as a substitute during power cuts. A solar Lantern or solar LED lantern is prepared using a solar PV panel, storage battery, and the lamp. Solar lanterns can be operated for about 4-5 hours once they get fully recharged. As far as cost is concerned, solar lantern price considered at a very reasonable rate and warranty assurance.

Solar Led Lights: Solar LED lights (deliver the best lumen per watt ratio) are designed to work proficiently and provide better lighting at a lower wattage. Solar LED outdoor lights are ideal to provide superior lighting solutions and meets a wide range of options like bright blue-white to the soft warm glow of incandescent lamps.


Outdoor Solar Lights / Outdoor Lights / Solar Led Outdoor Light: Outdoor solar lights or outdoor LED lighting are made especially for outdoor purposes, be it a pathway, roads, parking lots, or hospital & malls. Outdoor lights are easy to install, maintenance-free, and help in saving your electric bill. Solar LED outdoor lights provide light during the night through the use of solar batteries, which is capable of storing and converting sunlight into power.

Solar Street Light / Solar Street Lighting System: Solar Street Light is an optimum lighting solution source powered by solar panels and mounted on the lighting structure. The solar panels generally charge a rechargeable battery (functions using sunlight), which is capable of powering a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night or when sunlight not available.

The Solar Street Lighting System or solar led street light consists of the solar photovoltaic module (PV), a luminaire, storage battery, electronic regulator, inter-connecting wires/cables, module mounting pole including hardware, and battery box. Electricity power or current is generated by the PV module, which charges the battery during the day time with the presence of solar energy that is capable of running the luminaire to provide lighting solutions. Solar street lights on SolarClue brand provide a better value for cost, a renewable source of energy, saves electricity consumption charges, lower maintenance, and easier installation.

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Solar Garden Light / Solar Lamp for Garden: Solar garden light is a type of solar lighting system, used in garden areas. The key aspect of solar garden lights or LED garden lights is to switch on automatically at sunset and switches off when the sun rises in the morning. SolarClue’s solar garden lights are one of the best lighting sources work over the photovoltaic (PV) effect, which is the method that sunlight generates energy in solar cells (also called photovoltaic cells). This is how a solar garden light works to provide lighting solutions, especially in the garden.

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Solar Panel Light: Solar panel light is made up of photovoltaic (PV) modules comprised of high-quality solar cells made of crystalline silicon. It is used for residential and commercial lighting purposes. In addition to this, solar panel lights are also used to functioning of different gadgets like calculators, torches, and flashlights.

Solar Light Lamp: Solar light lamp is a lighting system, developed using an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller, and an inverter. Again the solar lamp uses natural power, which is stored in the chargeable batteries to offer lights. When it comes to the pricing of the cheapest solar lamp, there are several ranges of products from which you can choose.

Solar Gate Light: Solar Gate Light is an eco-friendly yet self-charging lighting system used as gate lighting for varied areas, be it a house, garden, backyard or hospital & mall entrance. Solar light for the gate is manufactured in such a way to offer sufficient light or brightness to the required places using solar panel long-lasting LED bulb technology. A varied range of solar gate lights is an appropriate option to use for extreme weather conditions when no electricity supply available. It is acknowledged in the market due to its easy installation facility and affordable pricing.

Solar Wall Light: Solar Wall Light is a next-generation lighting system, developed with the latest ground-breaking innovations in LED lights and solar panel design technology. Solar lights for wall fixing purposes is an excellent way to light your areas or belongings without the usage of any electrical effort or wall wiring. The solar wall light is an ideal option to install outside the wall of any building where it gets enough sunlight to charge and helps you to enjoy with bright LED lighting. Moreover, users can fix the solar wall lights with wall mounting accessories in the exact location they want.

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Last Word

So why not we go for solar to save some money on electricity? Choose solar light as per your requirements. Enjoy lights by using natural energy!


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