Step By Step Process To Go For Solar Installation

Whether you want lower electricity bills, cleaner energy, a greener environment, or work towards complete energy independence, this blog will help you understand the entire solar system setting up process. If you need help with the process like how to install solar panels step by step, then this blog is recommended to read on.

We at SolarClue (solar installation company) take a personal approach so that consumers get to know exactly what it takes to convert their home from a consumer of dirty power to a producer of clean energy. We can get you started saving money today no matter the size of your solar project by providing service across PAN India.

solar products installation process

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Free Consultation for Solar

Consultation for starting a solar project is required to confirm solar is right for you and provide you with a free quote based on your energy usage. The solar experts at can discuss with you based on your property size, your energy usage and answer all your questions to provide you with a customized solar quote regarding solar goals.

Design Approval

After your site visit, our professionals will suggest an optimal solar system design for your property, be it a home, business, or any commercial space. They will guide you on things, such as product manufacturer, roof facet selection, inverter type, size, and weight, to ensure you get the perfect system at the best price. Before finalizing the design part, our team of installers will request your approval to proceed with the necessary permits, and after this, your solar system installation process will move on to the next phase.

Receive & Sign Agreement for Your Required Solar installation

SolarClue team makes the utmost effort for providing the highest quality products at the best possible prices that help to receive and sign the paperwork by the clients to get started. Our team even ensures clients receive the best deal by encouraging them to compare our quote with others.

Ordering Solar System Equipment

Once your paperwork and related permits are approved, our team will place a solar equipment order, and that order will be based on the approved design finalized after your site assessment. SolarClue team will help you provide information on the different equipment options, such as price or cost, aesthetics, durability, and efficiency before choosing and placing an order of any brand.

Custom System Delivery Requirement

We understand that every solar requirement varies from client to client, and therefore, our experts work hard to meet your needs. Our team of site engineers and technical staff will visit your place to conduct a site inspection to ensure a safe and productive system gets installed.

Get Your Installation Done On Holidays Also

You can look forward to our team completing your solar installation on Sundays also as our experienced installers install the project in seven days in a week irrespective of any Sunday or holidays. SolarClue team will assist you how to monitor their solar installation production personally. So it’s recommended not to miss to enjoy clean, and reliable energy for decades to come that your fully-functioning solar system can produce.

If you’re thinking to invest on solar for your property, you can get in touch with us at

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