Reasons Why Schools & Colleges Should Use Solar Power

When both households and commercial establishments in India embracing solar energy with enthusiasm, academic buildings like schools and universities are also in the same category to choose solar power by installing solar power systems. Installation of a solar power system is the best decision if you want your school to become more self-sufficient, eco-friendly, decrease an institution’s carbon footprint and reduce monthly electricity bills.

solar power system for schools

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Since solar power for schools has several benefits, several schools can reduce global warming by installing solar power systems and make their students more aware of renewable and sustainable energy sources. Here are a few of the reasons why schools should go for the solar systems:

1. Solar panels fit well in school building roofs

Generally, the buildings of schools and universities have flat yet extensive roofs with durable materials, which are ideal for solar panel installation. In addition to this, the open and unshaded space on the roofs for installing solar panels works their highest potential as the roofs are ideal to provide the right space for the panels to capture as much sunlight as possible.

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2. Solar power reduces operational costs for schools

Schools have been some of the primary victims of electricity price hikes but fortunately, solar power is there to lower these costs and protect educational institutions from price increases. Further, advanced technology and expert installers have made rooftop solar power systems even more accessible for institutions be it a school, college, university or allied organizations.

The positive part is that educational establishments have access to solar systems in terms of cost-per-watt (affordable pricing). As the systems’ get larger, solar systems cost per watt price falls, which means schools or any other organizations can enjoy affordable power without the predicting figure of the grid.

3. Solar power supports schools or universities in enrollment

Solar power is an essential factor that matters to many potential students, teachers, and other stakeholders. When it comes to enrollment in schools or universities as several students, their parents, and teachers consider the global responsibility of organizations (chances of getting more enrolments if choosing solar power instead of conventional power) they pick out to associate with. Therefore, by installing solar power systems for educational organizations’ use, school, and universities will not only be able to draw the attention of those who care about nature, carbon emission, pollution, and the greenhouse effect.

Solar power supports schools or universities in enrollment

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4. The Community Will Benefit

If schools or colleges install on their rooftop, they can sell the extra electricity produced to the grid during the vacations because their demands will be less during holidays. This excess electricity can use by other consumers, such as nearby communities. Thus, academic buildings will not only be able to reduce your carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels but also communities nearby their building will be able to reduce the dependence too.

5. Solar power provides a learning experience for the students

Hands-on learning experiences can help gain knowledge among students, which is the best way of having solar technology innovation at their fingertips. For example, a solar system installation or solar rooftop installation at your school will improve the learning environments of students by encouraging them sustainable practices. In addition to this, having a solar system on campus will also enable teachers to incorporate the energy system into their curriculum, specifically in science and math classrooms.

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Solar power is the cleanest and most abundant renewable resource that can efficiently power your academic building. Hence, utilizing solar energy-based systems can provide you above-mentioned benefits of solar energy in school that help preserve the earth for the next generations to come. If you are ready to explore more about solar products, or solar power systems online send an email to or visit

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  • 06/12/2022 at 5:28 am

    There are many reasons why schools and colleges should use solar power. Some of the reasons are environmental, while others are financial. 1. Solar power is environmentally friendly. 2. Solar power is reliable. 3. Solar power is affordable. 4. Solar power is sustainable. 5. Solar power is versatile. 6. Solar power is safe.


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