Install Heat Pump to Cut your Costs

Do you ever consider how to heat your water with a lower electricity bill? The solution is to install a heat pump at your home. This blog will show you how a Heat Pump installation would be the best alternative to your geyser.

Benefits of a Heat Pump Water Heater

1. Cost Savings

If you install heat pump at your home, it may cost you higher, because of its high upfront cost. But it consumes less energy, so in the long-term, heat pump cost reduces.

A heat pump consumes heat from the environment to produce the hot water. It only uses electricity to compress the heat.

A traditional electric water heater, like a geyser works by drawing in cold water through a dip tube and using internal electric heating elements to warm the water. As the water is heated, the hot water rises to the top of the storage tank. From there, the heated water is then distributed throughout the home’s plumbing system for use. This process consumes a lot of electricity.

2. Energy Efficient

Standard electric consumes a huge amount of energy to heat water. This also has a negative impact on the environment, leading to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Heat pump uses less energy to heat the water. It uses surrounding heat to produce hot water. It consumes electricity only to compress the heat.

A heat pump water heater consumes 75% less energy than a geyser. Because of the heat pump efficiency, it has a positive impact on the environment.

Minimize Water Wastage - Switch to Heat Pump Water Heater
Switch to Heat Pump Water Heater to minimize wastage

3. Reduces wastage of water

Reduction of wastage of water is very important. Heating water through a geyser takes less time than a heat pump water heater. A heat pump takes around 3 hours on average to heat the water stored in the tank.

But, in the case of a geyser, when the hot water tap is turned on, it takes some time for the hot water to flow. Initially cold-water flows, which is a wastage. In order to reduce this wastage, it is important to upgrade your system and install a heat pump, as it reduces the wastage of water.


Opting for a Heat Pump Water Heater over a traditional geyser offers substantial benefits. Not only does it lead to significant cost savings in the long run due to heat pump efficiency, but it also promotes environmental sustainability by lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the minimized water wastage make it a compelling choice for modern households. So install a home heat pump for seeking both economic and ecological advantages.

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