Things You Need to Know Before Selling on Solarclue

How to be a seller on Solarclue?

E-commerce in India is rapidly increasing and making everything available online, be it buying or selling your products. Below are the step by step guide on how to become a seller on Solarclue. You can sell any products such as solar, electrical, electronics or industrial on Solarclue.

  • Register with Solarclue

Seller has to register first on by providing some of the necessary information. Click on the “Seller/Customer” button present on the top right side of the site and then click on “Join Us”.

  • Verify your account

Once you register and fill in the necessary details, click on “Continue”. You will receive an email for verifcation, please click it, to verify your account.

  • Create Seller account

As soon as your account gets verified, login to with your details and then click on “Your Seller Profile”.

Further you will find a message saying “You are not a seller”. You have to now request for seller account by filling the necessary information. 1. Check the Seller Group checkbox, to select “SolarClue Free” for the first month.
2. Check the appropriate Categories, (you can select multiple categories)
3. Description is optional but you can write something about your Company.
4. *Upload a pdf file containing **PAN Card – Personal PAN for business type “Proprietorship” and Personal + Business PAN for business type as “Company” and TIN Certificate.
5. *Upload the product catalogue and check the Privacy Policy 

By clicking on the “ADD REQUEST” mark in the green arrow, your request has been submitted for the review and it may take up to 48 hours to activate your seller account if you have updated the bank account details. Once the seller account activated then the seller will be able to upload the products.

  • Update Bank account

Fill in all necessary documents for your bank account. First Name and Last Name will be the person name in case of savings
account. And it will be firm name in case of current account.

The above steps will help you create an account as a seller on Solarclue website and hence you can start selling your products. For more details on seller guide Click Here


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