Top 10 reasons to become Solarclue Affiliates

“Top 10 reasons to become Solarclue affiliate”

Solarclue is a visionary company that takes initiative to have a better society. It promotes the world to use solar products to have a better and clean society.

And it also gives a better opportunity to our customers to go digital and as well as earn sustainable amount from the Affiliate program. Now here goes the top 10 reasons to become a solarclue affiliate.


  1. SOLARCLUE is a trusted Brand – Varistor Technologies is a parent company of solarclue which sells electrical, electronic and mainly solar products. It is a startup started by graduates of NIT Meghalaya. For more information About Us.
  2. Low-Cost Set-up – There is no registration or any membership fees to become an affilator with solarclue. And the arises How to become a solarclue affiliation? So here is a LINK. Got a desk, Internet-connected computer, and word-processing software? You’re in business!
  3. High Income Potential – With your own affiliate business your income potential is limited only by your desire, effort, and imagination – not your boss. And here solarclue gives you an excellent support system to ensure your growth.
  4. Products options – You can choose from thousands of products and services to earn money from.  When you think about it almost every electrical, electronics and solar products can be bought online. It’s not hard to find affiliate program out there that will pay you for whatever you want to promote and that’s  our  Solarclue Affiliate program.
  5. Payment Options – Pays their affiliates in a number of ways. Payments are done through online transactions or cheques.  The prize is paid for out of your affiliate earning.
  6. Commission – The commissions are fixed so that the customers are aware about their  earning.
  7. Affiliate Team – Solarclue has a best-supporting Team so you can clarify your doubts. You will get a response within few hours.
  8. Extra benefits –
    1. Case 1: If anyone is clicking on the product link and buying the product.
    2. Case 2: If suppose the customers have purchased once and later in future if he/she is purchasing a product without referral link.               YES,  the Affiliate will get the following commission.
  9. Easy  To  Use – Are you tech savvy? Do you know different website platforms? Do you know how to code? If you’re staring at the computer in confusion and your stomach is twisting in knots thinking you won’t understand Solarclue affiliate marketing, then stop worrying. At Solarclue, we actually make Solarclue affiliate marketing very easy. So easy, in fact, that you can answer all of those above questions with a ‘no’ and you’ll still understand how to do Solarclue affiliate marketing. Solarclue affiliate marketing doesn’t require knowing how to be tech savvy, it just requires you to understand how selling products and marketing works. What’s great about Solarclue, is that we strive to make each of our platforms and features as easy as possible to use and if you need help you can always reach out to us. 
  10. Flexibility – If you already have a job and need to work around it, then doing Solarclue affiliate marketing will give you the ability to do both. With flexibility in your schedule, you’ll find that you can work in doing Solarclue affiliate marketing when it works for you.

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