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Selecting, purchasing and installing your solar water heater according to your requirement sometimes becomes monotonous and difficult. You need to search a local dealer in your area who most of the times have less technical information/knowledge on the product and will suggest you the product in which their benefit is more.

SolarClue is a ecommerce platform where you can select a solar water heater from your choice and requirement, you can even book the product by your own and we take 2-3 days to deliver the product with free installation.In this blog we will discuss the full procedure to book your dream solar water heater on solarclue platform.

STEP-1-> Open

Example: Following image will open.


STEP-2-> First you have to REGISTER yourself to the website. Click Hello,Guest and  put phone number,click SEND button then OTP will be send to the given phone numberenter the otp and enter email id/mail-id and set a PASSWORD (as per your choice) and click on the REGISTER and now you become a customer of Solarclue.

Example: Shown in the image below.

STEP-3-> Open ALL CATEGORIES, then a screen will pop out, select SOLAR APPLIANCES and then select SOLAR WATRE HEATER.

Example: Shown in the image


Now window will open with all the solar water heater available on the website.

Example: Image shown below.



STEP-4-> To the left side of a page there is a REFINE SEARCH to choose solar water heater according to the requirement.

Example: Shown in the image


STEP-5-> How to choose solar water heater

a.  Capacity: Select the Capacity of solar water heater according to your requirement.

A survey says a person need 40-50 liters of water per day i.e. a family of 4 members need 200 liters of water per day considering 50 litre per person i.e. 200 lpd solar water heater.

For example:

  • A family of 4-5 members can select 200 LPD solar water heater.
  • A family of 5-6 members can select 250 LPD solar water heater.
  • A family of 6-8 members can select 300 LPD solar water heater.

b. Brand: Select you Brand from the given list of brands.Solarclue sells only quality products which are certified by MNRE.

c. Types of Collectors

    1. Evacuated tube collector (ETC)

        Evacuated tube collector (ETC) also know a tube model. Have more efficiency the fpc system,takes less time to heat water and the temperature of water will be high as compared with fpc system.Have more warranty (5 years).But regular maintainence is required, tubes can break by physical damage or internal damage, users have to replace it with new tube. Each tubes will cost around 1000 rs. On an average full system lasts for 10-15 years.

    2. Flat plate collector (FPC)

        Flat plate collector (FPC) also known as panel model.Have less efficiency the etc system,takes more time to heat water and the temperature of water will be slightly less as compared with fpc system.Have less warranty (1 years) sometimes have 5 years warranty depending on brand to brand. It is maintaince free, it will not give you problen in longer run.On average runs 15 years and more.

d.  Application Type: By what way you get water in your bathrooms.

  • Non-Pressurized – When your water source to your bathrooms is a overhead tank and the height of the tank from terrace is more than 6 feet.
  • Pressurized– When your water heater source to your bathrooms is not a overhead tank, but its a booster pump or through a motor.

e. Water hardness: According to water supply at your place.

  • Soft water– Cauvery water/ municipality water
  • Hard water – borewell water (Bitter Taste).
  • Extremly Hard– Borewell Water (Salty Taste)

f. Warranty: Depends on the product you choose.

  • Evacuated tube collector (ETC) solar water heater comes with 5 years warranty.
  • Flat plate collector (FPC) solar water heater comes with 1 years warranty.

Let us understand this with an example. Suppose a person wants to purchase a solar water heater with the following requirement. Lets see how he/she can choose the filters.


  • You have 2-3 members in your house.
  • Preferred Brand is V-Guard.
  • Choice of type of solar water heater is ETC.
  • Water comes from an overhead tank installed on your terrace.
  • Water source is borewell and taste is bitter.
  • Warranty required is 5 years.

Filters Applied: 

  1. Capacity: 100 LPD
  2. Brand: V-Guard
  3. Tupe of Collector: Evacuated Tube Collector(ETC)
  4. Application Type: Non-Pressurized
  5. Warranty: 5 Years

Have a look to the filters applied on the image shown.Only one product is available with your choice, go ahead and book it.

V Guard solar water heater


STEP-6-> Click on the solar water heater

  • Click on the DELIVER OPTION and Enter your PIN CODE to check down the availablity and delivery time in your area.
  • Then add the product to CART or click on the BUY NOW option.

V Guard solar water heater


STEP-7-> Then your product will be saved in cart, click on THE CART then a window will open fill down all the necessary information.

Click Returning Customer if you are already a customer of solarclue, else click on Register Account.

Fill details NAME, email id, mobile number and click SEND. An otp will come to your phone, fill the otp and get it verified with a green tick mark.Fill resendential address, GST Details (if any), Payment method (COD / FULL PAYMENT THROUGH YOUR DEBIT/CREDIT CARD).

Example: Shown in the image.

Book on solarclue


 Your order is confirmed and you will receive a message from SOLARCLUE about your booking. Contact number will be given to whom you can call at any kind of confusion and status. Go through the following website link and explore your options-



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