What makes a seller ‘the great seller’?


Either offline or online, there is always a healthy competition between sellers in contemporary categories. So, what is the success secret of those who lead in the e-commerce market? Just being simple to things that make a customer happy is the success secret. In addition to this statement just following these tips will help to be a great seller.

  1. Offers: First of all, this is the best way to keep every customer delighted. Furthermore, offers can be in the form of cashback, discount, gifts etc.
  2. Good Packaging: Secondly, the first impression is the last impression. The look and feel of your product have a major impact on buyer experience. In addition, it helps one to minimise the in-transit damages.
  3. Updated Catalog: It is the showcase offered by a seller to buyers. Keeping it updated and rich will help to reach more customers.
  4. Inventory: Either offline or online, it is the key factor for your success. One should have sufficient stock to fulfill orders faster and do more business.
  5. Deliver on time: Keep product ready for despatch so that it reaches the customer on time.
  6. Images: It is the only way to show your products to the customer. The images of product ought to be of good resolution and with every detail visible. What looks good, sells more.

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