What makes an e-commerce website customer friendly?

Ideal e-commerce website for the customer.

In e-commerce business, the website is the sole interaction with customers. In addition, customers always look for smooth experience from a website. Therefore, making the e-commerce website customer friendly is very important. From customer’s view, these things are good for the website.

  1. Design: It is a human nature to prefer organised system. Similarly, customer loves a simple and good website. It should offer a good and smooth platform. And leave the customer with “wow” feeling. Thus, it is important to have a simple and good design for a website.
  2. Speed: In this era, time is the most valuable asset. A customer will always avoid website which takes long loading time. And it will affect the business. Thus, it is important that website should have less loading time.
  3. Products: Description of products is important for the customer. It is the deciding factor for a customer for purchase. Thus, giving the good description of products is very important.
  4. Transactions: Customer always wants different types of ways to pay for the purchase. Thus, it is good to keep as many as payment options possible.

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  • 03/05/2020 at 1:46 pm

    I have recently started my solar business is there any dealership or distributorship available in belgaum Karnataka plz inform us for future business


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