Why Bajaj ATX 4 Auto Pop Up Toaster?

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The feel of a hot and crisp toast slathered with butter melting on one’s tongue is an indescribably joyous sensation. Breakfasts without toasts can feel like a very sorry occasion. Not just butter, jams or Nutella, one can use toasts to make mouthwatering beans on toasts, corn cheese toast and more. 

Bajaj products are an exquisite combination of modern technology and high-end engineering process. Quite evident, this auto pop up bread toaster which is designed to perfection and the end-product is a result of hard work and stringent research. This is a perfect device for those who are always on the go and don’t have time on their hands to roast their bread manually.

There are many exquisite features of this appliance which makes it a perfect appliance that a modern day family/household can have.Some of the features include the following:

  • Bajaj breadToaster is capable of toasting two slices of bread simultaneously in one go.
  • This device comes with five adjustable browning levels to offer crisply toasted bread made as per your preference.
  • The appliance consists of an auto pop-up feature that pops out the bread once it has been browned or toasted.
  • This super-efficient toaster is easy to clean with crumb trays and cord winding facilities given at the base of the device to wrap the cord around the body of the toaster. So, that all you have to focus on is enjoying the crunch!
  • You have an option of mid-cycle cancel function that allows you to stop in between the toasting process.
  • The unique cool touch feature on the body and sides of this Bajaj toaster is designed to insulate the heat within the toasting chamber, thereby rendering greater efficiency and added safety.

This toaster consumes a maximum of 750 watts of power to function efficiently. 

It comes with a 2-year warranty card on the product. The power needed by this device for proper functioning is 230 V.

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