Top 8 Heat Pump Water Heater Installation Tips

Heat Pump Water Heater is one of the most cost-effective water heaters in the market. It only consumes 25% of energy that is consumed by a geyser. Therefore, heat pump water heater installation at your home would be extremely beneficial for you.

Before you get a heat pump water heater installed in your home, you must know how much a heat pump costs in India. Let’s start with that!

How much does a heat pump cost?

The upfront cost of a heat pump is higher than other traditional water heaters.

The heat pump costs depend on the capacity that you are purchasing. The following table shows you a range of heat pump cost in India for different capacities:

Capacity (Litres per day)
Lowest Price
Highest Price
150 LPD

₹ 120000

₹ 205000

200 LPD

₹ 150000

₹ 225000

300 LPD

₹ 180000

₹ 235500

500 LPD

₹ 200000

₹ 290000

1000 LPD

₹ 250000

₹ 300000

Top Installation Tips
Top Installation Tips

Tips for successful heat pump installation

There are many heat pump water heater installation requirements that are necessary for its successful installation.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Capacity

Do you know how to understand what is the right capacity for your home? Let’s take the example of Rohit and his family.

Rohit has five members in his family – his parents, his wife, his daughter, and himself. Each person would require 40 litres water per day. So, he would purchase 200 LPD (40 x 5) capacity.

Capacity can be calculated using the following formula:

Capacity = 40 x No. of Members in your Household

Tip 2: Hire a Qualified Contractor

Ensure that the contractor you hire is licensed, insured, and experienced in installing a heat pump water heater.

Tip 3: Prepare the installation area

You must make sure that the place where you would install the water heater should be free from any clutter or obstacles.

Tip 4: Check the Ductwork

You must inspect the existing ductwork for leaks, damage, or inadequate sizing of your home. Properly sealed and insulated ducts are essential for optimal heat pump water heater performance.

Tip 5: Turn Off Utilities

You must make sure that you turn off the electricity and water supply to the area of the heat pump installation. This needs to be done before the installation begins.

Tip 6: Verify the installation Plan

Review the installation plan with your contractor to confirm that all details are accurate and aligned with your expectations before work commences.

Tip 7: Test the System

After installation, you must test the heat pump thoroughly to verify that all components are functioning properly, and temperatures are consistent.

Tip 8: Schedule Regular Maintenance

You must schedule regular maintenance twice a year for efficient performance of your heat pump water heater.


A heat pump water heater installation cost is higher in comparison to other traditional water heaters like a geyser, but in the long run, a heat pump is the most cost-effective option. It consumes less electricity as it produces hot water by consuming heat from the surrounding.

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