Solar Water Heater Price in Jalandhar

Solarclue is one of the excellent online platforms, indulged in providing an opportunity to make online shopping for solar products at Pan India level. is a B2B & B2C marketplace committed to offering a hassle-free and value-adding scheme during the time of buying any solar product. Do you want a list of solar water heater price in Jalandhar? If yes, then Solarclue is one of the best yet trustworthy platforms to offer all types of solar water heaters from famous brands.

Solar Water Heater on Solarclue Platform

Solar Water Heaters are used in capturing sunlight to heat water and to provide hot water without consuming expensive electricity. Solar water heater is a device that generates hot water naturally and even saving your electricity cost. It is also an environment-friendly yet best solar water heater and an economical way to generate hot water for shower and bath. As far as the cost of this particular product is concerned, the solar water heater price in Jalandhar or solar water heater cost varies from its model and capacity.  
A solar water heater is one of the foremost category of solar energy appliances capable of saving substantial energy as solar power is free in contrast to natural gas or fuel oil. Long operating life, low in maintenance cost, high quality extra thick stainless steel inner tank, and high energy yield & low heat loss are the lucrative features of solar water heaters. 
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Solar water heater

Why Choose Solar Water Heater with Solarclue?

  1. We, at Solarclue, are one of the trustworthy yet fastest-growing solar company
  2. Products are cost-effective and reliable and eco-friendly
  3. Wide distribution network and prompt delivery schedule
  4. Customer-centric approach
  5. Completed 1750+ projects and delivered 2000+ orders

Top Brands on Solarclue 

Get a look at the comparison table between solar water heater famous brands’ pricing, given below.

Brands Price Starts At (in Rs)
Anu Solar 13,000
Emmvee Solarizer 32,000
Havells 22,000
INCA Solar 26,000
Racold 17,000
SunDiamond Solar 12,000
Supreme 13,000
V-Guard 16,000

Solar Water Heater Price in Jalandhar is a one-stop-shop to meet your requirements if you want to buy any solar product online. SolarClue is a trustworthy brand committed to delivering with a wide range of innovative solar products for home and business. This online platform with the immense support of experienced professionals is engaged in meeting the clients’ specifications through delivering the order, installing the devices at their place, and providing maintenance services for the same as per the requirements of clients.

At SolarClue, our motto has always been Customer Delight through Modernism & Passion with the focus on project execution and team-work. Therefore, we keenly innovate a comprehensive range of solar equipment to make your life comfortable. 

Users can buy a varied range of solar energy-based products online at, which is involved in providing a wide range of reasonable solar products, whether it comes to best solar water heater price in Jalandhar. These devices are very affordable at this platform that anyone can purchase even if he or she staying in Jalandhar, India. 

Get a look at the comparison table between solar water heater pricing, given below.

Capacity (Liters per day) Cost of ETC System (in Rs) (Price starts at) Cost of FPC System (in Rs) (Price starts at)
100 12,000 16,000
150 15,000 20,000
200 17,000 25,000
250 20,000 27,000
300 25,000 35,000
500 38,000 49,000

1. How to Book Solar Water Heater on Solarclue

SolarClue is an eCommerce platform where you can select a solar water heater from your choice and requirement, you can even book the product by your own and we take 2-3 days to deliver the product with free installation. Here is the guide on how to purchase a solar water heater on the Solarclue platform. 

2Do I still get hot water on cloudy/rainy days?

If the cloudy days are continuing for a day or two, you still get warm water as the water gets heated due to diffused radiation available in the atmosphere. However, the solar water heating system is either connected to an electric geyser in the house or an electrical backup provided in the storage tank of the system, which is switched on when water gets sufficiently hot. Thus, you can get hot water even on rainy days.

3. Is Solar Water Heater Good for Health?

From a medical point of view, the water you consume by using the Solar Water Heater is completely safe for our consumption, as far as the role of sun rays is concerned. Tap to know more.

4. What are benefits of installing Solar Water Heater in home?

Electricity is expensive and is not available due to limited power resources in many areas when required for heating water. A Solar Water Heater is the best option to meeting the daily hot water needs. Solar Water Heater, since it stores hot water in an insulated tank, provides hot water all the time when required. It is a significant saving option for water heating cost. Higher capacity system will save higher amount. Solar Water Heater is an environment friendly option as it will reduced carbon footprints. As long as the sun is shining, you will continuously enjoy hot water.

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