Which brand has best Hand Blender?

Bring awesomeness into your kitchen with The Hand Blender.

Blenders have not only entered the Indian market but have also captured the Indian kitchens. Blender helps in mixing, which helps in preparing a large number of dishes and drinks with great ease. But to choose the best is one of the main criteria for our testing for consumers.

There are many types of electric appliances available in the market but which one is efficient is the first question came into our minds. Well, before investing money in hand blender you should read this article. Also, if you are new to cooking or just moved to new home and want to purchase some basic kitchen accessories then hand blender should be on your checklist. If you take baking and cooking seriously then multi-purpose hand blender is a thing must have in your kitchen. 

The hand blender can be used in a variety of ways. Mostly used to mix liquids like batter or other these kinds of the mixture. It works best when you want to blend chunks of vegetables and meat in soup mixture, in that case, you can insert your blender straight into the pot containing soup and blend. It simply gives every fluid a lighter texture and smooths the whole mixture.

Gone are the days when one would sit for a long time mixing the batter in a bowl. The hand blenders available in the market claim that they can help consumers in their kitchen in making large meals in minutes. To reveal the truth we have done a test on 9 brands of hand blenders available in the Indian market and presents a report to make your choice easy.
The test was conducted as per the finalized test programme and the parameters were evaluated on the basis of internationally accepted grade scale of 1 to 5: 5 – Very Good, 4 – Good, 3-Average, 2-Poor, and 1-very Poor. The testing has been carried out in an independent accredited laboratory. 
A hand blender is a regular use kitchen appliance intended for mixing, folding, beating, and whipping food ingredients in a few seconds. They are also used to prepare cream soups, fruits juices, Lassi smoothies which help to convert all solids into liquids/paste.

Performance tests

  • Whisking of Egg: Two Fresh eggs were subjected to whisking for 10 seconds. This resulted in uniform blending. All nine tested brands got a perfect score.
  • Making Tomato Paste
    The hand blenders were operated for 20 seconds to make tomato paste of 250 gms of equal size of tomatoes.
    After the test, tomato paste was observed for homogeneity and classified accordingly:
    This test showed up ranging variable results across brands. ‘Bajaj’, ‘Prestige’, ‘Orpat’ and ‘Usha Lexus’ topped with a perfect score of 8. ‘Philips’, ‘Maharaja Whiteline’, ‘Morphy Richards’ and ‘Kenstar’ came up with a score of 6 and ‘Black & Decker’ trailed with a 3.5.
  • Chopping/Grating of Onion
    The hand blenders were used for making onion paste of 100gms of onions. Each onion was cut into 4 quarters and the blender was operated for maximum 30sec. at a stretch.
    After the test paste was observed for homogeneity and rated accordingly:
    With ‘Prestige’ and ‘Philips’ topping with the highest score. Second runners-up were ‘Bajaj’, ‘Maharaja Whiteline’, ‘Kenstar’, ‘Usha Lexus’ and ‘Orpat. ‘Black & Decker’ and ‘Morphy Richards’ were at the bottom.
  • Input Power 
    If an appliance is marked with rated power input, the power input at normal operating load shall not deviate from the rated power input by more than the prescribed deviation.
    Hand Blenders were operated at rated voltage with a load of 300gm of curd, 150ml of water, 50gms of sugar and 50gms ice in a bowl for making Lassi simulate prescribed load for mixing/blending. ‘Bajaj consumed the least amount of power amongst all the brands tested. Hence it was rated as most energy efficient and brand ‘Philips’ was least energy efficient.
  • Endurance 
    Blenders were operated at 5% of the rated voltage for 48hrs, with its blades immersed in vegetable oil. The operating cycle was constituted 25sec of ON duration followed by 5min of OFF duration. After the test, there shall be no damage or deterioration impairing its further use. All the brands qualified for the endurance test which means durability of this product is ensured provided it is used as per the instructions are given in the manuals.
  • Starting for smooth & Noiseless running 
    Noise level at an approx distance of 1mtr was measured by noise level meter at after operating hand blender at the rated voltage in the no-load condition(mesns the appliance was operated without any pieces of stuff). Rise in noise level over the ambient level of an enclosed chamber was noted for any abnormal noise. Brand ‘Philips’,’Bajaj’ was least noisy among all the brands we tested, however, brand ‘Usha Lexus’ was found the noisiest among all brands tested.
  • Temperature Rise
    Hand-Blender shall not attain excessive temperature in normal use. All the brands we tested were found within the normal range of temperature rise and pass the test.

The following table shows the ranking of the hand blender on various brands.

S.No Brand  Rank
1. Bajaj 1
2. Orpat 2
3. Philips 3
4. Maharaja 4
5. Kentstar 5
6. Usha Lexus 6
7. Prestige 7
8. Morphy Richards 8
9. Black & Decker 9


The Bajaj Blender is the most rated according to these parameters. Bajaj hand blender has many features some of them are as follows:

  • 2-year product warranty
  • 3-speed control for preparation of various dishes.
  • Chrome-plated dough & beater attachment
  • Eject button for using cake beaters & SS dough hooks for a better experience.
  • Powerful 250 watts motor for superior beating experience.
  • Slicing/Push switch for convenient & safe operation
  • Stylish design & color – Black Mat finish

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