What category of sellers can sell their products on solarclue.com?


The market is full of diversity in terms of sellers. Some sellers dedicated their business to one vertical. And at the same time, few seller opt for multi-vertical business. But as a matter of fact, both types of sellers encounter hurdles. The hurdle of selecting an online selling platform that will emphasize on their vertical.

In view of that, solarclue.com support many vertical with equivalent status. Following are the list of verticals that solarclue.com offers.

  1. SOLAR:  The product range in this vertical is very vast. Sellers can sell product ranging from a small power bank to large solar street lights.
  2. ELECTRICAL: Another vertical which offers a great range of categories. Some them are: 
    1. Motor and Drives
    2. Switches
    3. Appliances
    4. Cable and wires
    5. Instrumentation
  3. INDUSTRIAL: In addition to traditional vertical. This is a new kind of vertical in online e-commerce model. Some of the categories in this vertical are:
    • Hydraulics
    • Lubrication
    • Welding 
  4. TOOLS AND SAFETY: Another new vertical in online e-commerce. And some of the products in this verticals are:
    • Metal Detector, Security alarms, cameras
    • Power Tools
    • Safety gears for small as well as large-scale workers

With such a diversified platform many sellers can connect to the solarclue. Furthermore, solarclue emphasize on each vertical very carefully. As a result, each kind of seller can expand their business effectively. 

Therefore, connect to solarclue.com by just one click: JOIN NOW 


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