Which electricity saving device should you install at your home?

Do you ever wonder if there is any electricity saving device, that can help you save bucks on your monthly electric bills. The appliances that we normally use at our homes are not eco friendly. So they also result in huge monthly bills. To reduce the expenses, you need to install such devices which uses natural resources.

One of the most used device in every Indian Home is a water heater. Normally every home installs electric geysers, which run completely on electricity. They consume a lot of electricity, resulting in your high monthly electric bills. In this blog, we will talk about the solution to this problem, which will result in reduction of your high electric bill.

How to save electricity at home?

One of the ways to save electricity at home is to change your water heater. If you have a geyser, or any other traditional water heaters at your home, you must replace it with a water heater that would consume less electricity. One of the best water heaters is a heat pump.

A heat pump is a water heating device, that consumes only 25% electricity than a geyser. Do you wonder how? The heat pump works on the principle of transferring heat from one place to another. 

A heat pump mainly has three components:

  1. An exhaust fan
  2. A compressor, and
  3. A storage tank

The exhaust fan absorbs the heat from the ambient air. The temperature of the heat is increased using the compressor. This heat is now transferred to the storage tank. So, a heat pump uses natural sources to heat the water. That is why it consumes less electricity.

Heat Pump – Is it Worth It?

Is a heat pump worth it?
Is a heat pump worth it?

Now that you know what is a heat pump, let’s dive deep into whether it is really worth it or not. Many may complaint that a heat pump is very costly. Yes, the installation cost is very high. But in the long run it is the cheaper alternative. Let’s see how:

1. Lower energy consumption

As it was discussed earlier, a heat pump consumes less electricity. So it may have high upfront cost, but it will save you bucks on your monthly electricity bills. So in the long run, it is cheap.

2. Longer Life span

A heat pump, if maintained properly, can last up to 15 years. This is higher than a geyser. So you would not require to buy or replace your water heater for more than a decade. So this is also contributing to it being the cheaper alternative to your electric water heater.

Apart from the high cost, some may also feel that a heat pump requires a lot of space. Well, there are single unit/integrated heat pumps as well, for this reason. An integrated heat pump is specifically designed for homes with less space. It dosen’t have two units (outdoor and indoor). Both the units are integrated into one.


A heat pump is a great electricity saving device. As it consumes less energy, the monthly bills will also reduce. Its longer life span and less energy consumption is the reason for it being the cheaper alternative. 

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